Friday, 28 October 2016


The end of another week and almost the end of October. We put the clocks back an hour tomorrow night and autumn will be moving into winter.

Friday clean done, I decided last night to steam clean the kitchen floor and also tackle some marks on the sitting room carpet, so it was steam all the way this morning, I was bushed by the time I finished, but the sitting room and kitchen are all sparkly clean.

Its quite mild outside, the sun keeps trying to come through without much success. We have the gas installation crew working in the road linking two more bungalows up to the gas, ready for central heating to be installed.

DB spent the morning putting garlic in. We have had another chat about the garden, decided to put one of the new beds down to second early spuds to break up the ground, we may well do that for the next couple of years, it will certainly help to break the clay down.

Our neighbour whose garden is at the side of hours is going to take the big fir tree down, she is going to leave the trunk in and grow either a clematis or a climbing rose up it. I have a buddleia  in a pot which will be great on our side of the fence. Its a seedling from D's garden across the road, he gave it to me earlier on in the year and I potted it up, it has taken and is growing strongly. 

Talking about the garden. The geraniums that were in trays by the back door I am bringing in for the winter. I plan to put them on the window cill in the sitting room, thats where they were last year. I have some more, which at present are ina round container, I am going to pot them up into single pots and they will go in the sewing room, the container will be planted up with bulbs.

The paper whites my quilting friend gave me are growing strongly, they should be in flower by Christmas. I think I will need to put some supports in they are getting very tall, I do not want the flower heads to be top heavy when they come out.

Supper tonight, fish, mash, peas parsley sauce. Mixed fruit strudel for dessert.

I am off into the sewing room to 'potter' for a bit................

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