Friday, 21 October 2016

Friday -

Its the end of the week, this time last week we were looking forward to the arrival of the plumber, today he has been and gone and we have a cosy house. I turned the water up a couple of degrees, I like to run really hot water in the washing up bowl and put the dishes in as we use them, by the time was have finished eating the water has cooled enough to put your hands in.

Overslept again this morning, was up and doing by 10 am. The sitting room has been bottomed, the settee moved back to where it belongs, quilt that goes on the back of the settee has been on the line for a while, I used a broom handle to beat the dust out of it.

Plumber came this morning to the leak under the sink, we still have a bowl under it to see if the problem has been solved.

DB has been pottering in the garden, its beginning to look rather bare, the patch has now been marked out with string for the deep beds and paths. The front garden has also been weeded. The herbaceous border needs some attention, there are still some plants flowering, but I hope to get out and cut the front grass and start on weeding the back border.

I cooked the salmon fillets for tonights supper, we prefer them cold, so I will do a salad, made a potato salad to go with them, not sure what to have for dessert.

I have started sewing again, did a bit yesterday, might get a bit more done later, going to have a rest first. DB has gone for his siesta. I have two magazines I want to finish reading so they can go to my quilting friend tomorrow.

It was a misty start to the day, however the sun seems to be trying to get through, it may well be a nice afternoon. The heating is off, will come on again around 4.30 pm for the evening, There will be days in the winter when its on most of the time.

I think we had some rain in the night, the grass was quite wet this morning, our neighbour across the road started to cut the grass, gave it up as a bad job, it was too wet, maybe will get it done over the weekend.

DGD is having another scan today, they are keeping a close eye on her because of her Polycystic Ovaries and also the placenta seems to be quite low down. DD1 has gone with her,

Right, time to put my feet up...................

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