Friday, 14 October 2016


A lovely autumn morning, the sun is shining but there is that crisp feel in the air. 

Washer on, need to get well washed up before Monday, will not have hot water from Monday till the boiler is commissioned on Tuesday. I will switch the water heater off on Sunday, no point heating a tank of water for it to be drained away, so it will be kettles to wash up etc. We will have to fill a bucket from the rainwater barrels to flush the loo and several containers for drinks during the day.

DB has to sort out the garden hose, I want to put the water off and disconnect the hose to store it till next summer. do not want any bursts if we have a bad winter.

DB has walked down to the PO for the TV Choice, he was maoning about his right hip last night, he could not understand why he was not getting much sympathy!! I always said he should have gone on the stage...........I know he has arthritis, so have I its something you have to put up with mate, so put up and shut up!!

I have another two lots of apples to process for the freezer. Once evrything is back in the sewing room the small freezer will go back on again with fruit and veg in it, then I will have room for the turkey crown etc for Christmas. I think we will eat from the freezer for most of next month too, will do a freezer audit next week and sort the menu list.

I have a load in the washer which I am about to hang out, will do another load in the morning, then that will be it until we have the heating in and working. I also need to clean out and re-lay the fire. I lit it after DB got up yesterday, still only used two lots of coal, it was almost out when we went to bed. I need to see how long the two bags I had delivered yesterday last, then when the prices go down next summer I can order enough to last us through next winter.

DB has walked down to the PO, he says that the path we use as a short cut to save walking round two bends has been tarmaced, apparently the upkeep is in the hands of the people who own the houses, but its a right of way, they were quoted a price some months ago, but decided not to do it. Some one had an accident on the path and broke her leg, the council ordered that it should be done, apparently the bill went up more than double. Cannot say I feel sorry for them, they may well have a court case on their hands as well. The post office is where you go when you want to find out whats happening in the village.

Supper tonight is fish mash, peas and parsley sauce, need to sort out something for dessert. I also need to bake scones at some point and may be a carrot cake.

I have heard from my friend in Florida, had not heard for a while, so sent her a quick email, she is keeping up with our doings via my blog.


Chap came and collected the aids that DB is no longer using. I was watching Strictly on I Player, almost missed the bell.

Heard from the heating engineers the radiator in the sitting room is going where the storage heater is, so I will not have to shorten my curtains.....result.

It came over very grey so fetched the laundry in, Its on the airer, I will put the airer in the sitting room when we go to bed it will air off in the warm.

Time to sort out the supper................

Epic supper fail, we had beef stew not fish. I used the last fish last week, so had to rake a carton of beef stew from the freezer, we had it with the mash and peas we were going to have with the fish!!

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