Monday, 31 October 2016


Misty morning, but after breakfast the sun came out. I have managed to get a load of laundry almost dry, its over the airer finishing off.

Monday clean done. I made a ring of scone, sliced up the loaf I made and also the chicken left over from last night.  We have cold chicken for supper, a couple of jacket spuds and a tomato and cucumber salad. DB has elected to have cheese and biscuits for dessert.

 DB was in the garden sorting out and putting a coat of preservative on the coal house.

After lunch I managed to finish off the shabby chic cushion cover that I started at my last session with the quilting class. I have cut out the bits for the pencil case, need to sort out a zip, I may have to use a white one, I am not going to buy a zip specially.

DB sorted out the bulbs for me, so tomorrows job will be to plant up the planters for the spring.

A few more photos from yesterday............

Beautiful old English rose, still blooming,

Someone has moles in their lawn.

?someones play house.

A bit too big for my garden, I think its gorgeous.

This old tree stump has been drilled to allow it to be used as an insect hotel.

Pretty pale pink autumn cyclamen.

This is the type of raised bed I would like, ours would need to be a bit bigger though. The beds are 4 ft wide by 13 ft long!! I doubt we would be able to afford one, never mind the 4 we need.

More of the autumn cyclamen, these were white.

Tomorrow is the start of another month. Its been good not having so many hospital appointments this month. I have 2 on the same day regarding my pacemaker and heart.......DB has an appointment re his eyes/ A break then until late December. The month has not been straight forward, have had the heating engineers here for 3 days, but everything is working, which is wonderful. We are so pleased with the wet room too. There is a bit of decorating that will have to be sorted at some point in the not too distant future, but a tin of emulsion paint should soon sort that.

8 weeks to Christmas, and then a new year......this year seems to have passed in a flash, although August and the beginning of September were not too good.

Sunday, 30 October 2016


We had decided to have a trip out, we went to the Organic garden at Ryton. We have been several times before, but they were offering free admission to the garden today, so off we toddled.

Bad start to the journey a car on its roof on the northbound M1, traffic hold up was almost 10 miles long!! We were going southbound thank goodness and it had all be cleaned up by the time we came back, just some heavy skid marks on the road.

Sat in the car park and ate a ham and mustard roll and had a cuppa, then set off to walk round the gardens. There were still some flowers in bloom, but the trees were glorious. I have tried to download some of the pictures but blogger for some reason will not let me.

We had a comprehensive walk round, there is a lovely garden there dedicated to my friend Geoff Hamilton, who was the presenter on Gardeners World on the BBC for a number of years.

The gardens are run on organic lines, no chemicals are used and the waste water from the cafe and the toilets is recycled to flush the toilets. There is a big reed bed which filters the water.

We were going to have a cup of coffee in the cafe, but they were serving lunch, DB had a slight altercation with one of the waitresses, she wanted to seat us in the childrens section. No thank you so we went back to the car and I squeezed two cups of tea from the flask. We sat and read for a while before deciding to drive home.

Dusk is quite early now and as we drove down into the vale we could see the mist starting to roll in, just after 4 pm and we have the sitting room lights on.

Roast chicken is cooking, will have some roast spuds and some stuffing as well as cauliflower and calebrese with it. DB has elected to finish the last banana for dessert, so some toffee sauce to go with that.

It was a cool day, we were glad we had taken our coats with us, I hope its a slightly better day tomorrow, I have a load of laundry to do.

Some of the trees at Ryton, will publish more photographs tomorrow. If you click on the picture it should come up bigger.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Loosing the Way?

I was just reading on Facebook the 100 top frugal blogs. It was interesting to see that 'Skint Dad' was in 9th place. The 'other person', many of you will know who I am talking about, is at 33rd place. It seems that people are not supporting her as they did, maybe the condescending , preaching way the blog comes over is getting too much for people.

We have been frugal for many years, because we had to be, of late things have become a little easier, but money is not wasted in this house.

A lot of the blogs were from the US. I must admit I did not read through all of them.

I have issues with the 'OP' yes they did well to clear their debt, but I do not consider owning two houses, expensive car and travelling between two countries particularly frugal. No it is not a case of jealousy either. I have often said that we would love to have been able to move to France, but for us it was just not possible. We were hoping to visit France for one last trip next year, but health issues have knocked that on the head. We will be going to Essex instead and the trip will not go on the CC. Yes they do have the choice of what to spend their money on, I just do not think its very frugal, thats my opinion.

Its a very grey day here, not too cold though. I have not lit the fire since the heating went in, its ready to be lit. I need to get the chimney swept.

The gas people are working on a Saturday, they have been given 2 days to go the job, well they did ours in 2 days, seems a bit mad asking them to start a job on a Friday.

We are having an easy day today. Yesterdays efforts with the steamer have made me tired. The cleaning generally is beginning to get too much and I feel I am not able to do what I used to in the garden either. We are having to rethink things a bit.

DB is doing a new jigsaw, I may do some sewing after lunch, really I am still sorting through finding UFO's. I do have a zipper bag I want to do for my niece, have cut out the fabric, just need to sort out a zip and put it together.

Supper tonight bacon fritatta and salad, banana something for dessert.


We nipped into Melton this afternoon to Lidl, they had no eggs so we had to go to Morrison instead.

As we left home we ran into the hunt, second horses must have been at Hose, the place was stuffed with horseboxes. I think there was disappointment that they could not park the boxes on the village hall car park, there is a caravan rally on there this weekend. As we came home there were cars parked on Pasture Lane and binoculars trained on the fields between us and Harby, the horse boxes had gone, except one, parked right on the corner. Guess the meet was at Long Clawson, they do not meet in Hose until February.

We are having a day out tomorrow, a picnic to pack up in the morning, flasks to fill and a couple of cuppa soups to keep the cold out.

Friday, 28 October 2016

New Followers

I noticed tonight that my follower count has gone up, so 'welcome' to those of you who have just signed up to follow my daily whitterings. I hope you find something interesting in my observations on life.


The end of another week and almost the end of October. We put the clocks back an hour tomorrow night and autumn will be moving into winter.

Friday clean done, I decided last night to steam clean the kitchen floor and also tackle some marks on the sitting room carpet, so it was steam all the way this morning, I was bushed by the time I finished, but the sitting room and kitchen are all sparkly clean.

Its quite mild outside, the sun keeps trying to come through without much success. We have the gas installation crew working in the road linking two more bungalows up to the gas, ready for central heating to be installed.

DB spent the morning putting garlic in. We have had another chat about the garden, decided to put one of the new beds down to second early spuds to break up the ground, we may well do that for the next couple of years, it will certainly help to break the clay down.

Our neighbour whose garden is at the side of hours is going to take the big fir tree down, she is going to leave the trunk in and grow either a clematis or a climbing rose up it. I have a buddleia  in a pot which will be great on our side of the fence. Its a seedling from D's garden across the road, he gave it to me earlier on in the year and I potted it up, it has taken and is growing strongly. 

Talking about the garden. The geraniums that were in trays by the back door I am bringing in for the winter. I plan to put them on the window cill in the sitting room, thats where they were last year. I have some more, which at present are ina round container, I am going to pot them up into single pots and they will go in the sewing room, the container will be planted up with bulbs.

The paper whites my quilting friend gave me are growing strongly, they should be in flower by Christmas. I think I will need to put some supports in they are getting very tall, I do not want the flower heads to be top heavy when they come out.

Supper tonight, fish, mash, peas parsley sauce. Mixed fruit strudel for dessert.

I am off into the sewing room to 'potter' for a bit................

Thursday, 27 October 2016


We were up early and on our way to the library. The booking in and out machines were not working, so it was back to the old fashioned booking in and out. Before we left I put the towels on the line, left the washer on the timer overnight, so it finished just as we went through for our breakfast.

On to Aldi and £69+ spent........uurrgghhh but I have bought quite a bit of meat which hopefully will keep us going into early
December. There were a couple of things we could not get so Lidl will be visited at some point.

DB took the house key to get a spare cut, it goes into the lock but does not turn it, so when we go back to the library we are going to have to take it back and get it re-cut.

Back at home shopping unpacked and put away and a quick lunch of cheese and beetroot sandwiches. DB has retired for his siesta, he wants to spend an hour in the garden when he gets up. I need to check if the towels have dried.

Beef stew for supper, spuds, carrots and calebrese, I bought bananas so I guess they will be our dessert, might make some custard to go with them.

I am trying to read up my books from the mobile library, so I lay reading last night after DB had put his light out, it was after midnight when I put the light out. I might need a nana nap later, 
that will teach me.

I have decided to record Escape to the Country, I am not getting any sewing done, so record it I must.

Was very disappointed in Bake Off last night, if you watch it you will know why!! Pouty trout lips was not my choice. Her face, when Paul gave Jane a double hand shake, was a picture. The smug leer when her picnic basket was taken forward, I am afraid, was sick making. I guess you will know she was not my favourite . Its a shame the programme is going to channel 5. Without Mary and the two presenters it will not be the same.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Its been a sunny day, but quite cold. I did not even go out of the door. I slept in, it was after 10 am before I got my shower.

Freezer audit has been done, menu for November planned and the shopping list written. It will just be a case of fresh fruit and veg during the month.

DB had his siesta, I have taken to watching escape to the country in an afternoon. Yesterday they were in Leicestershire, two houses within spitting distance of here. One at Eastwell and one at Scalford.

I have 3 books to read before Monday, well through the first, hope to get all three read before the library van comes.

It looks like two of the neighbours are going to get central heating. The gas team are due on Friday to lay the pipes in to the meter cupboard next door and across the road.

My new ironing board cover is on, I just need to check the iron, see it it decided to empty the water all over again. I have the phone number of the distributers, I will be ringing them.

Supper tonight egg and wedges, no dessert, cheese and biscuits for DB, nothing for me.

Its the final of the GBBO tonight, I have my own thoughts about who will win, we will see.....Its such a shame that it will no longer be on BBC. It will not be the same when it moves.

Tomorrow we will be off to the library at Bingham and also the monthly shop at Aldi.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Opened the curtains to fog and it has hung about all morning, I had a machine load of washing which is going to gave to be dried. Did think it would clear by lunchtime, no such luck......

Sorted out tonight's supper shepherds pie, cauli and carrots, I have to sort out a dessert, might do a rice pudding, such a dreich day, comfort food is needed.

OH started another jigsaw, I finished a book I was reading and then got some lunch.

I had an issue with my iron yesterday, it decided to empty all its water over the ironing board, why I do not have the slightest idea, I have had to throw the ironing board cover away........I need to iron the bed linen once I have recovered the board. Will fill the tank again. If it does it again I am going to have to contact the company who sold it to me.

I also need to finish sorting the sewing room and getting out the UFO's. I will put them in some sort of order so I can see if I need backing fabric or more wadding. Small quilts are not a problem, but some of the bigger ones may be.

The local schools are on holiday, but the village still seems quiet, I guess the weather is getting too cold for children to play out.

Monday, 24 October 2016


A dull start to the day. but as in the past couple of days the sun came out at lunchtime.

Wet room, loo and bedroom cleaned as usual, changed the bed, the linen is on the line, Not sure if its drying though I might have to put them on the airer in the sitting room tonight.

DB spent some time in the garden this morning, I dittered around doing the cleaning and then reading.

After lunch DB went for his siesta, I repaired to the sewing room to continue clearing up, having emptied the suitcase I used for the quilt group. I have to decide what to do with the block samples I made up. I have decided I can do them in 3's and then hang them as I want to. I have a load of UFO's to complete as well.

OH  is working on his Jigsaw, he seems to have been doing it for ever.

Ham salad with Jacket spud for supper, there are some peaches need eating up, so they will be ok for dessert.

Sunday, 23 October 2016


My goodness, we must have been tired last night, it was almost 9 am before I woke. We had our Sunday Breakfast in bed and managed to be up and showered just after 10 am. We took off for Melton.

It was raining when we left and by the time we got to Morrison it was chucking it down, when we came out, it had stopped and a watery sun was trying to show its face.

We drove round and parked in the car park at the back of Argos and went in to collect the unit I ordered yesterday. A very obliging chap carried it out to the car for us.  I paid for it from my months pocket money. Argos was full of people buying toys, they have a special toy event on this week, so I guess people were buying for Christmas. DB sat next to a lady who was buying stuff for a special bingo night at her pub. A large TV, Hoover,microwave and various other electrical bits and pieces were wheeled out in a trolley.

By lunch time it had turned into one of those cold autumn days, really clear blue sky, but brrrrr. The leaves under foot were all dry and crackly. Cheese sandwiches and fruit for lunch, washed down with tea for me and milk for DB.

The roads we travel most are a sight for sore eyes, such a lot of glorious colours, different greens, gold, yellow and bronze leaves on the trees. The leaves are late falling because of the warm early autumn days we had.

I have had a fail in the garden department. A friend mentioned her dogwood which we know as cornus, it has glorious red stems throughout the winter, and a proliferation of white flowers through the spring and summer. It is one of the plants I do not have in the garden, but believe me we will have by the end of this month. I have bought a small one to go halfway up the herbaceous border. I will let it fill the space so you have to walk further up the garden to see whats planted beyond.

DB has gone for his siesta, I have done the veg for supper, just have to cook half a plum strudel for dessert. The roast spuds will do in with the pork. Going to put my feet up for half an hour.

We had an ambulance in the close again last night, our neighbour in the corner has COAD and was having a problem breathing. The ambulance people managed to settle her, so no trip to the hospital.

My purse is fitted with a lock this month, I need to do a freezer audit and plan next months menu's and do the shopping list. Once the fresh fruit and veg have been bought, thats it. I need to start thinking about meat etc for Christmas lunch.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Saturday, visiting day

It was a bit grey when we got up this morning, by mid morning the sun was out. 

We had a light lunch of poached egg on toast before going out.

A decent journey, very little traffic, we were soon at my friends, she was pleased to see us.

Cake had been made, and cream was in evidence, it would have been bad manners not to have partaken of the goodies offered. My friends grandson arrived, so we all say round the kitchen table and put the world to rights, more tea was drunk, magazines exchanged and a Christmas cactus found its way home with us and I managed to bring it home without loosing any buds.

I had prepped the supper so sausage and mash with onion gravy, carrots and calebrese. No dessert, we might have something later.

The heat was on when we got home, so it was nice and cosy, supper was soon on the table, as soon as the dishes were washed it was feet up to watch TV. Not sure whats going to happen on Strictly, they all seem to be falling foul of a virus. we have a couple of recorded programmes lined up for later.

There is an ambulance in the street again, at a different house this time though, they must know their way here blindfold.

No sewing today, I might manage some tomorrow.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Friday -

Its the end of the week, this time last week we were looking forward to the arrival of the plumber, today he has been and gone and we have a cosy house. I turned the water up a couple of degrees, I like to run really hot water in the washing up bowl and put the dishes in as we use them, by the time was have finished eating the water has cooled enough to put your hands in.

Overslept again this morning, was up and doing by 10 am. The sitting room has been bottomed, the settee moved back to where it belongs, quilt that goes on the back of the settee has been on the line for a while, I used a broom handle to beat the dust out of it.

Plumber came this morning to the leak under the sink, we still have a bowl under it to see if the problem has been solved.

DB has been pottering in the garden, its beginning to look rather bare, the patch has now been marked out with string for the deep beds and paths. The front garden has also been weeded. The herbaceous border needs some attention, there are still some plants flowering, but I hope to get out and cut the front grass and start on weeding the back border.

I cooked the salmon fillets for tonights supper, we prefer them cold, so I will do a salad, made a potato salad to go with them, not sure what to have for dessert.

I have started sewing again, did a bit yesterday, might get a bit more done later, going to have a rest first. DB has gone for his siesta. I have two magazines I want to finish reading so they can go to my quilting friend tomorrow.

It was a misty start to the day, however the sun seems to be trying to get through, it may well be a nice afternoon. The heating is off, will come on again around 4.30 pm for the evening, There will be days in the winter when its on most of the time.

I think we had some rain in the night, the grass was quite wet this morning, our neighbour across the road started to cut the grass, gave it up as a bad job, it was too wet, maybe will get it done over the weekend.

DGD is having another scan today, they are keeping a close eye on her because of her Polycystic Ovaries and also the placenta seems to be quite low down. DD1 has gone with her,

Right, time to put my feet up...................

Thursday, 20 October 2016


DB was up before me, so I got my breakfast in bed. Once I got my butt out I started on the remaining cleaning.

Wet room and toilet done, then did a bit more in the sewing room.

The sewing room as it was. 1



As it is now the two freezers have been moved to where the storage heater was.

Dryer and sewing machines moved further across.

Not much change on this side of the room.

Sorted our bedroom as well, managed to clean behind the bed and under DB.s cupboards. He has a computer bag down the side of his chest, the zip was undone, when I opened it there was a humongous spider complete with web, I think they could have heard my scream miles away.......I did manage to eject the spider into the garden. I hate spiders.

DB has been in the front garden this morning, weeded the front border and chopped back the lavender, we have two new plants to put in, we are going to cover them with netting to try and stop the blasted cats from defecating and scratching them out.

Getting used to the central heating is going to take a bit of doing. it was warm when we went to bed, and DB said it was lovely and warm in the bathroom when he went for his shower. By the time I got in it had cooled down a bit, but was not cold by any manner of means.

We have changed our visit to my quilting friend to Saturday, I forgot, and so did she, that its Malvern quilting show this weekend, so she is off there tomorrow. No problem, it will allow me to do the last room, the sitting room, need to push the settee back into its normal position and alter DB's chair.

Sun is out, looks like its going to be a pleasant afternoon, not that I have any plans, DB has just gone for his siesta.

Well bake off was interesting last night, the three I thought might go through did. It was a pity Selasi was eliminated but thats how the cookie crumbles........I have an inkling who might win, we will see next week, the PE teacher was pouting away good style, her face when they announced baker of the week was a picture, I am sure she thought it was going to be her!!  Well done Andrew for wiping the smirk off her face!! I do not know what it is about her, but she just annoys me.

No real village news have not been to the post office this week, so not caught up on the gossip. The bonfire on the village hall field is gradually growing, it should be quite spectacular.

We have BBQ belly of pork tonight, marinaded in maple syrup.....jacket spuds and the remaining beans from last night. Not sure about dessert.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Wednesday - heating finished!!!

Another early start, engineer was here just after 8 with a young chap to help him. Electrician was here by 8,30 three chaps in the airing cupboard, hardly any room to move, work went on apace.

I did the cheese an onion pie for tonight, 2 loads of laundry out, we discovered there is a leak under the kitchen sink, plumber tried to fix it be decided that we should phone the council and get them out to look at it.

The chaps kindly put the 3 machine boxes in the attic, I had to break two of the boxes down to get them through the hatch. The young chap cleaned up everywhere even mopping the floor in the wet room,

After they had gone, I set to and cleaned the kitchen and mopped the floor and then set to in the sewing room, the young chap and helped me to shift the two freezers, the small one is now on and once its frozen up I will transfer all the fruit into it from both the other freezers.

I am so pleased that the heating is finished it switched itself on at 4.30 and the house is warming up nicely. A couple of the radiators have been turned down, the sewing room one is on the frost stat, so if the temperature drops the heating will come on. I have the engineer three christmas stockings for his children.

I have to admit I am shattered getting up early 3 mornings running has just about finished me off so we will be having a lie in tomorrow will then finish the sewing room.

This is what we saw at lunchtime.

The engineer was very tall, he had a problem getting into the cupboard under the sink to see of he could find out why there was water lying on the shelves.

Cheese and onion pie with baked beans for supper, There is a banana left so a banana split maybe.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Tuesday. Heating Day 2

It was tipping it down this morning, we decided to have a quick trip to Bingham, Aldi had the air fresheners my quilting friend likes, so books back to the library, DB went to the ironmongers for string and a couple of hook and eye catches, I found myself in The Sue Ryder charity shop with a ball of yarn in my hand, whoops.....

Into Boyes for a couple of things I wanted and then back to the car, off to Aldi and then home.

The plumber arrived early this morning, he has just told DB that he may be back tomorrow, and there is no sign of the electrician.....Wonderful...............not!! The muck is beginning to get on my nerves, so is the clattering

Rads are gradually getting linked up and the thermostatic valves put in.

We decided not to go for afternoon tea but bought a couple of cream cakes and a bottle of wine, at least £3 cheaper than going for tea.

The weather has brightened up, it stopped raining and the sun is out, blue sky with the occasional cloud drifting by. I put the dust sheet we had over our bed on the line, there was not too much dust flying about.

The engineer is linking the gas up to the boiler., and putting the flue up through the roof. The kitchen and sitting room are finished, I have gone over the floor in the kitchen and carpet in the sitting room,thermostats are on the radiators. Engineer will be back in the morning with the electrician to fit the timers and commission the boiler, it will be good to get hot water at the turn of the tap.

It has stayed fine all afternoon, but there are some black clouds on the horizon, not sure if they are rain clouds or night clouds.

Have just lit the fire, we are lasting the evening out on the initial coal and then about 6 larger lumps about 7pm.

Changed the menu for tonight, we are having bacon fritatta with salad, OH bought apple turnovers with cream for dessert. We will have the cheese pie tomorrow. Have a loaf on, we finished up the bread at lunchtime, I want to do sandwiches for lunch tomorrow so needs must.

I went into the Sue Ryder charity shop and fell foul of a variegated ball of yarn, have cast on another jumper for the GGC. Apparently there is to be a baby shower in January. I plan to put a parcel of things together. I had to hold tight to my purse in Boyes, they had some really lovely stuff for little boys. I am not going to buy tiny baby sizes, will concentrate on 6 - 12 month sizes and more for winter. I have not made my mind up whether to make a quilt/play mat. I might look and see if I can find a pre printed nursery top.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Heating 1st day

Up at 7.30 to make sure we were showered and dressed before the engineer came. One installer...... he started by going round with me to see where the rads were to go, then set about taking out the old storage heaters. I could not get over the gunge that was down the back of the kitchen, sitting room and hall heaters. I used the dyson to take all the dust and crud etc off and then washed down the wall and the skirting. I am not too happy about the carpet in the hall, it is not down properly. The carpet fitters are coming to fit bits of carpet where the feet of the heaters were, I will ask them to look at it.

Our friend came and collected the heater he wanted. Coffee for the worker tea for us.

Mid morning the van arrived with the rad and boiler plus insulation stuff for the pipes in the loft.

The radiator is on in the back bedroom, the pipes just going in. water tanks drained and will be removed shortly.

Thank goodness its a fine autumn day, sunny but a nip in the air, the towels from the shower are on the has been relaid for later in the afternoon.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of DB and myself getting together, we ran off to Scotland........we may go out to the charity shop for afternoon tea. depends on how far the chap has got with the heating and when the electrician is coming.

Time is marching on, need to sort out some lunch.

Radiators are mostly in and some of the piping in, the support for the hot water tank is being dismantled. The boiler  will go in tomorrow and be linked up to the pipes.........I am hoping to get the small freezer in where it is going later, we have to wait for the electrician to come and cap the switches from the old heaters and do his bit of the installation before the system is commissioned.

Eggs and wedges with beans for supper tonight, Possibly banana for dessert.

It has been a lovely day, although quite chilly out of the sun. The fire is lit in the sitting room and the little convection heater will warm our bedroom for the last time tonight.

I must admit I am suffering a bit from the early start, we have to get up again tomorrow but after that we go back to our normal getting up time.

I must say the chap is a tidy worker, cleans up as he goes along. All the radiators have been put far enough up for me to be able to get the dyson right under, brill.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Stoatin' Sunday

It was not stopping to rain when we went out to Lidl, the shop was not open, had to wait a few minutes for them to open the doors, the foyer of the shop was full.

Back home by 10.45 we drive home through even worse lunchtime it had stopped and the sun was out, typical.

I have taken the cables etc off the machines ready for them to be moved, also sorted out a cable for the freezer. Its really full, I think we are going to have to take the drawers out, otherwise it will be too heavy. We also have to move DB's chair and the settee up a bit so they can get to the heater in the sitting room.

I am still ploughing my way through the magazines, I was a bit frustrated to find one was missing, so there was a big gap in the serial......had to guess what had gone on.

Lunch was bacon butties, scrummy......supper tonight is roast chicken, roast spuds, carrots, cauli and courgette. I have a plum strudel I want to use up so thats dessert. Half tonight and half put back for another supper dessert.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am going to carry on reading the magazines.......

DD1 and SIL arrived with DGD and her fiance, I had parcelled up the jumper, boots and hat for DD1 to give to DGD, she opened it whilst she was here, very pleased. They had been to Mama's and Pappas at Nottingham to get things for the baby.

Freezer, sewing machines etc moved....the sewing room looks like this now.......

I was standing where the freezer  usually stood when I took these pictures.

Everything piled up and as far as possible covered up.

DGD was 'starving' apparently she is craving cheese, so she did herself cheese and crackers, everyone else had cake and a cuppa.
Goodness the sitting room was full........

Chicken breast roasted in the oven with veg for supper. We had the strudel for dessert.

SIL went home clutching 3 leeks to make leek and potato soup.

The next couple of days are going to be hectic, I will try and post each day, but please forgive me if you do not get your usual dose of Country Living.

It was a pleasant afternoon once the rain passed, although we were glad of the fire in the sitting room.

The close was quiet again once our visitors had gone. 

Saturday, 15 October 2016

The Sun Breaks Through

Last night I did something I knew my DD1 would tell me off for. I wanted to get the laundry out early so having the facility on the machine I set it to start at 6am. DD1 has told me off several times for doing this, a fireman friend of theirs had told her that he knew of several fires which had been started by washing machines left on the delay timer.

When I got up the washing was finished and ready to go out Brill, trouble was it was very misty and murky. Never the less out it went. All morning it hung on the line, bleakly swaying back and forth in the slight breeze.

DH had an appointment for his flu jab, so went off to the village hall in the next village. I cooked the mince for mince and dough balls for tonights supper, still the washing hung limp on the line.

DB home so lunch, tomato sarnies for him cheese for me. I finished off the pears.

Sat and watched the news headlines and DB went for his siesta, washing still hanging limply on the line, then................the sun came out!! a slight breeze, hooray the washing might it won't the sky clouded over and it looked like rain, oh 'ecky thump I needed to get the washing in before it got wetter than it was before I hung it out. It went on the airer which I will put in the sitting room  for it to finish drying when we go to bed.

Fire cleaned out and laid to be lit later. I need DB to help me drape a sheet over the shelves with my boxes of fabric on. I need to try and contain the dust as much as I can. No idea when DD1 is coming tomorrow but have sent her a message, I need a quick trip to Lidl in the morning, so hopefully if SIL is playing golf they will come after lunch.

I phoned my quilting friend and arranged to go over and see her next week once I have cleaned some of the mess up. I was given a pile of Peoples Friend, I think she will enjoy reading them, so I am ploughing my way through them just now, eek out the library books a bit.

Many years ago I used to buy Womens Weekly, my Mother bought My Weekly and we used to swap, then pass the magazines on, mine to the Drs surgery hers went to another friend and they too ended up in the Drs waiting room. Now my daughter gets Country Living which she passes to me, I pass it on to my quilting friend. She gives me Period Living which someone hands on to her, this in turn goes to my daughter, we have been doing it for ages and it works well.

It is certainly chilly today, I have a fleece and two pairs of socks on, my feet are still cold.. I am not going to light the fire till 4pm, so will wrap myself in a fleece blanket. At this time of year I make sure that the settee and chairs have either a quilt or a fleece or both on, so its easy to wrap up. We also carry a bag in the car with two cushions and two fleece blankets in, just in case. You never know.

This coming week one thing we have to go is do the menu list for November and audit both the cupboards and freezers. I want to make sure we have enough in, so, if we have bad weather we have enough to see us through. So the November shop will be a bit more expensive. I want to get a turkey crown as well.

I watched Strictly on catch up yesterday, think I might start watching again we need supper a bit earlier. Sad that Victoria has finished, I enjoyed it, Sunday nights will be a bit tame. I enjoyed the first bits of Poldark, watched  a couple of episodes of the new series, but found it a bit samey, so we may be reduced to watching programmes we have on the Humax box, there is bound to be something on there.

Sad to see that Jean Alexander (Hilda Ogden from Corrie and Auntie Wainwright in Last of the Summer Wine) had passed away. Hilda was so stereotypical of char ladies as they were known in the 60's and 70's. You could never get out of Auntie Wainwrights without buying something, not always what you went in for either, mind you most people avoided the shop like the plague. She reminded me of a black widow spider. You do not get programmes like that these days. 

Many times we video programmes that we watched years ago, they still make us laugh, such simple down to earth humour. OK some of them are full of innuendo, Are You Being Served for instance, they do not make programmes like that anymore. 'ello 'ello was another one, and Dads Army........

Time to go and put the kettle on, DB will be coming through from his siesta shortly.

Friday, 14 October 2016


A lovely autumn morning, the sun is shining but there is that crisp feel in the air. 

Washer on, need to get well washed up before Monday, will not have hot water from Monday till the boiler is commissioned on Tuesday. I will switch the water heater off on Sunday, no point heating a tank of water for it to be drained away, so it will be kettles to wash up etc. We will have to fill a bucket from the rainwater barrels to flush the loo and several containers for drinks during the day.

DB has to sort out the garden hose, I want to put the water off and disconnect the hose to store it till next summer. do not want any bursts if we have a bad winter.

DB has walked down to the PO for the TV Choice, he was maoning about his right hip last night, he could not understand why he was not getting much sympathy!! I always said he should have gone on the stage...........I know he has arthritis, so have I its something you have to put up with mate, so put up and shut up!!

I have another two lots of apples to process for the freezer. Once evrything is back in the sewing room the small freezer will go back on again with fruit and veg in it, then I will have room for the turkey crown etc for Christmas. I think we will eat from the freezer for most of next month too, will do a freezer audit next week and sort the menu list.

I have a load in the washer which I am about to hang out, will do another load in the morning, then that will be it until we have the heating in and working. I also need to clean out and re-lay the fire. I lit it after DB got up yesterday, still only used two lots of coal, it was almost out when we went to bed. I need to see how long the two bags I had delivered yesterday last, then when the prices go down next summer I can order enough to last us through next winter.

DB has walked down to the PO, he says that the path we use as a short cut to save walking round two bends has been tarmaced, apparently the upkeep is in the hands of the people who own the houses, but its a right of way, they were quoted a price some months ago, but decided not to do it. Some one had an accident on the path and broke her leg, the council ordered that it should be done, apparently the bill went up more than double. Cannot say I feel sorry for them, they may well have a court case on their hands as well. The post office is where you go when you want to find out whats happening in the village.

Supper tonight is fish mash, peas and parsley sauce, need to sort out something for dessert. I also need to bake scones at some point and may be a carrot cake.

I have heard from my friend in Florida, had not heard for a while, so sent her a quick email, she is keeping up with our doings via my blog.


Chap came and collected the aids that DB is no longer using. I was watching Strictly on I Player, almost missed the bell.

Heard from the heating engineers the radiator in the sitting room is going where the storage heater is, so I will not have to shorten my curtains.....result.

It came over very grey so fetched the laundry in, Its on the airer, I will put the airer in the sitting room when we go to bed it will air off in the warm.

Time to sort out the supper................

Epic supper fail, we had beef stew not fish. I used the last fish last week, so had to rake a carton of beef stew from the freezer, we had it with the mash and peas we were going to have with the fish!!

Thursday, 13 October 2016


Rain, Rain, go away......... its has been raining on and off all morning,.

We were up early, so the morning has seemed a bit long. DB did some of his jigsaw, then found the magic jigsaw on the I Pad so has been playing that.

I found carrot and butternut squash in the bottom of the fridge along with some stock from last weeks beef stew, lentils, chopped onion and leek, so bottom of the fridge soup for lunch. Sliced the bread from yesterday. Froze most of it we had a couple of rounds with the soup. I open freeze the slices for about 30 minutes and then reassemble the loaf, put it in a plastic bag and stick it back in the freezer, take out sliced as we need them. They take about 15 minutes to thaw out.

I sat and sewed the binding on a mat I made a few weeks ago, using up a block I had cut out for the quilting group, before I kicked them into touch. I have to admit I have not missed it as much as I thought I would. I have a purple shabby chic cushion cover to finish but that will not get done until I have the machine up again, it needs quilting and making up.

Putting my feet up whilst DB has his siesta, will light the fire when he gets up. I have a new book to read, so will corrie down on the settee with a fleece, might even have a Nana nap, need to get my strength up for next week. I guess the house is going to need an early spring clean (not that I spring clean anyway) when the workmen have finished. I will need a holiday I have got the house straight again.

We were given some pears by  our neighbour, they were very hard when we got them, but after just over a week they are now ripe. I had one after my soup, delicious. I have three more. I think I might make a creme caramel tomorrow for supper and gently poach a couple of them to serve with the mouth is watering already!!

The rain seems to have stopped again for now. I lnow DB has a couple of jobs he wants to do in the garden, he might get them done if the rain holds off for a bit.

The coal man came this morning and dropped me 2 bags, I am hoping that it will last a couple of months.......I will also get a small bag of logs. I like a log fire at Christmas. We can get a small bag from our log supplier.

The rain is keeping people in, there is usually someone going about in the road, not today. Our neighbour has returned from hospital. I spoke to B on the phone, she says he is having nightmares. I wonder if its a side effect of his medication? She has asked the Dr. to call and see him, said she would ask. They are both very tired with the broken nights. I told her to get on the settee when P was sleeping and try and sleep herself. I have given her a quilt I made some time ago, it has warm and natural wadding in, so should keep her cosy whilst she has a nap.

Time to put my head sown myself, might be back later.......

Wednesday, 12 October 2016


I was very tired after yesterday, managed to sleep through DB getting up, he brought my breakfast through.

Towels in the wash and out on the line. We have visitors for afternoon tea, so we had a fry up at lunchtime, we will have soup and toast later tonight. I have re laid the fire ready to light later.

DB has been out in the garden, cut a head of celery which was supposed to be self blanching, the stalks are still quite green. I need to cut a couple of sticks and see what it tastes like.

I ironed the quilt cover, the ironing board is now put in the hall cupboard until after we have had the heating sorted. DD1 was coming tomorrow, she has now put it back to Sunday, she has to work tomorrow night. I have several old large sheets out to cover things up with. I also sorted a couple of presents for Christmas. We give the grandchildren  money till they are 18, then they drop off, they just get a token something. Most of the grandchildren have now reached 18, so Christmas will be cheaper this year. 

I need to start to sort out Christmas lunch. Lidl had small turkey crowns, I will get one of those, there will be 4 of us so that will give us enough for the two guests to go home with doggie bags. I usually cook gammon as well. I have a Christmas pudding in the cupboard, I will soak it in some brandy before I cook it. We will just have the usual veggies and I guess DB will require a trifle as well as mince pies. Once the sewing room is sorted I plan to use the small freezer for fruit, so will need to put it on, both the kitchen and the big freezer are almost full to bursting. I still have another couple of lots of apples to sort out and freeze. There are blackberries, gooseberries apples and rhubarb in various drawers of the freezers so it will get them all together in the one place so I do not have to search for them.

GBBO tonight, I wonder who will get knocked out? I am sad that it is going to channel 5. It will just not be the same.

I had two epic fails with the bread maker.....chucked out the second lot of yeast and bought more fresh stuff with a long date out. Fingers crossed this lot is ok, I will know in about half an hour.

DB has gone for his siesta, I have opened the back door to get rid of the 'fry up' smell......will close it shortly, I can feel the cool air in the sitting room.

Typically, because I cannot, my fingers are itching to sew!! Everything is packed away and the two machines covered up, we have to move them onto the cutting table so the sewing machine table can be folded away and the little dryer moved across the room.

From the door to the big freezer in the far corner. You can just see the storage heater at the far side of the freezer, this is being removed.

Standing in front of the freezer looking across to the door.

The other corner looking across the top of the two machines towards the wardrobes and cupboard where all the stuff from the airing cupboard is stored.

Once everything has been moved I will take another picture and then again when everything is back where it is going to go.

The stuff from the airing cupboad will have to stay for a while until I get the shelves put back in the airing cupboard. Life is going to get busy again. The engineers are going to be here for 2 days, it will probably take me at least a week to clean everything and get back to some sort of order. I hate mess, find it difficult to deal with, so not looking forward to it. Great when its done, its the doing!!!

It was the yeast!! Thank goodness I will not have to shell out for a new bread maker, nor will I have to buy the overpriced muck they call bread. There is not a decent baker within miles of here.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Tuesday, a busy day

Its been a busy day.

I set the fire, did a packed lunch, filled a flask for tea, prepped the veg etc for tonights supper and set off for my pacemaker appointment.

A slightly longer test that usual for some reason. I have an appointment with the cardiologist next month, have to have another check before that appointment.

We left the hospital and went over to Coalville to find a shop which was no longer there, it had moved to Ibstock, so we went over and had a look round, a wonderful selection of Batiks of all shades and colours.

Back to a quick visit to Wilkinson, Tesco and Bon Marche. We also went into Costa Coffee for a quick cup of tea. Thats bust my housekeeping again this month.

Back to the hospital to see DB's Doctor. She confirmed that the meeting between the surgeons, cardiologist and the respiratory medicine people had taken place and the general census was that he should not have the biopsy. I had already raised my own concerns about this, so I was happy that they agreed with me. He can go back at anytime should he feel he needs to, I have to watch for various symptoms which may indicate that the growth may have grown or turned into a cancer, it is very unlikely that this will happen. They would still not operate but use radiotherapy to shrink the growth.

As we left the hospital it was raining, so a quick burst to nip to the car without getting too wet. By the time we got to the car it had stopped.

Once back at home, lit the fire and put the supper on to cook. Lovely beef and veg stew with dumplings, cauliflower and calebrese, just the thing for a chilly autumn night. Finished off with banana and cream, yum yum.

DD1 is coming on Thursday to help me sort the back bedroom so that the engineers have room to get to the old storage heater and are also able to fit the radiator under the window.

DD2 phoned to see if we were ok......she is having to have medication for her BP, not good at 48!! She has always had a high BP, the Dr has now decided to treat it.

I am going to put my feet up tonight and watch TV.

Monday, 10 October 2016


Brrrr again this morning. Temperature down in single figures 7c.

Bed stripped and remade, sheets etc in the washer and now on the line. We have blue sky, but the sun is quite weak and there is very little wind. Might have to finish the laundry either in the dryer or on the airer depending on how wet it is when I fetch it in.

Monday clean done, will not get done next week, no point cleaning up when the heating people are drilling holes etc. I have got some old sheets out to cover the bed and also the fabric and stuff thats in the sewing room. Both the machines have covers so they will be ok. I will take a couple of photos so you can see the room as it is now and how it looks when the heating radiator is in.

DB out in the garden, repairing the wire for the raspberries. Most of the sweet corn are out. Two cabbages left and the beans are still flowering, we had a hand full with our supper last night.

I have beef stew in the pressure cooker, we will have it tomorrow night when we get back from the hospital visits. I have also cooked off the bacon bits for tonight's bacon fritatta. Will do a large jacket spud with it and tomato salad.

The only noise is a mower, I suspect its our neighbour at the back, the children are in school and the workers away to the various cities and towns that surround us. This village is so peaceful.

Many of the fields are being ploughed for next years crops, not so many tractors on the roads, all the hay and silage has been baled and either left stacked in the fields or brought in to the barns. The Community Orchard has been stripped and the apple and pear trees are getting trimmed back.

 DB has cut out the old fruiting canes on the summer rasperries, The autumn ones will be cut back later when we have finished picking. There are only a couple of Autumn rasps but we have had quite a bit of fruit from them. The strawberry runners that were potted up are needing put in, we only rooted 12, do not want to get overrun with strawberries next year. When we had the allotment 6 years ago we had three huge strawberry beds. I ended up selling quite a lot of the fruit that I did not turn into jam.

I had to have a quick trip outside, there was a very grey cloud coming towards us, sure enough there were quite big spots of rain......I managed to get  all the sheets etc in before it got too wet, the pillow cases and sheet have been ironed, but the quilt cover was still quite damp, so its on the airer.

We have decided to go to Coalville tomorrow there is a shop there that does long arm quilting. We should have time to get there and back before DB's appointment at 3.40. I will pack up a small picnic to take and a flask of water for tea or coffee.

I see I have a new follower, welcome, I hope you enjoy reading my daily mutterings. My blog is a reminder to me of the things that happen from day to day. Its amazing how useful that can be.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Sunny Sunday but its brrrrrrr

Sunday Breakfast in Bed as usual, I put a load in the washer and its now on the line. I hope it dries. It is sunny but cold, will light the fire later.

Did the veg for supper, pork is defrosting, we will finish off the fruit in jelly for dessert.

I have also cleared the airing cupboard in the bathroom, the things are in the cupboard in the sewing room for now, they will go back into the airing cupboard once the shelves are back in.

I have discovered more white bed linen, I think some of it is for the double bed we had in the guest room at the cottage, the rest for the single bed we had until recently. Its all fairly new.

We think we have found out how to re- arrange the sewing room after the stuff is moved out for the heating people. There is just about enough room to do what I want to.......we will see when the engineers have finished.

I am still processing cooking apples, so far I have 4 decent sized bags in the freezer, two more will go in today, if I can get up enough energy to peel the apples. Could do with doing a couple of smaller bags for apple sauce. I did think about freezing it in ice cube trays and then putting it in a bag, we would only use a couple of cubes a time on pork.

DB has been in the garden, the deep beds have been marked, I was going to get turf put down, but we have a large box of lawn seed in the shed, think we might seed it in the spring and see how it goes. DB wants to do the back garden first, so I am going to have to keep on top of the front garden for another year, as well as the herbaceous border in the back. It is filling out quite well, but there are some plants I need to move.

I also need to get sewing again once the heating has been put in. I have a lot of UFO's which I must finished even if I give them away. Our friends who are the roving preachers were on the receiving end of some of the stuff this week. I scissor holder set, the wall hanging/ table runner I made 2 years ago and one of the zipper bags I could not stop making earlier this year. The one I have left are going to be Christmas presents, filled with smellies or sweeties. I also want to make some lap quilts for the local hospice and the childreues hospice we support.

Our neighbour across the road, has a clot in his lung, he has been allowed home. I wonder how long its going to be before he is attempting to drive again. I need to go across and see how he is. B might need more shopping. Should have kept my mouth shut, the ambulance is there again.........oxygen cylinders taken in.

Tuesday we have two appointments at the same hospital but 5 hours apart. I have a pacemaker check at 11.20 and DB has to get the results of the conflab they had about his biopsy at 3.20, no way are we coming home to have to go out again, so will take our lunch with us and find somewhere to while away a few hours. As long as it does not involve spending money it will be ok.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Saturday and its Brrrrr again

Another very grey and cold day. We had a few spots of rain this morning,

Did the Friday clean, whilst I had the mop and hot water I went round to the front and cleaned up the messy gas box and also did the window cills all round, just a couple of minutes each and they are sparking again.

We went to the feast last night, as last year the children were just running round like mad things and there was one table who talked and laughed their way through the whole evening. It was almost impossible to hear the answers to the quiz or the raffle numbers.

We sat with a couple of friends from the coffee morning and we took June home afterwards, she is partially sighted, I did not like to think of her crossing the road in the dark. She does carry a torch which she uses, but the road is used like a race track and anyone hurtling round the bend would not see her until it was too late. We both spoke about the evening and, like us, June said she will not go next year. 

I may be old fashioned, but children seem to be allowed to run riot, there is no discipline at all, and they do not seem to be encouraged to sit at the table and eat a meal. Mind you, with the  example set by some of the parents its not surprising. All my children were brought up to sit at the table for a meal and were only allowed to leave when everyone had finished. One of my grand daughters allows her child to walk round with food in her hand, mind you she does not sit up to the table either, eats with a plate on her knee watching the goggle box.

Quiet rest of the day, I will spend most of it reading, might just go and do a bit of clearing up in the sewing room, the 17th is not far away now............

DN will be going for his siesta shortly, he was in the garden whilst I tackled the sitting room and kitchen, the sweetcorn are all finished, so the plants have been taken out. One last courgette that thinks its a marrow, some beetroot and carrots, so the veg drawer in the fridge is full.

Fish and wedges tonight, so an easy supper. Need to get the prok out for tomorrow.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Another Grey Friday

Very cloudy all day and quite chilly.

We were off into Melton this morning, went to Morrison then dropped off a bag full of curtains at the charity shop, round to the hospital and home for lunch.

No Friday clean done, it will have to wait until tomorrow, the kitchen floor needs mopping again. I have laid the fire, but not lighting it, we are off to the Village Hall for the Hose Feast. It is held annually, sausage and mash followed by apple crumble and custard. A quiz and also a raffle. There is no charge but a basket as you go out for contributions.

The hall was built some years ago with a part grant from the lottery Fund. Plans have been drawn up to extend and modernise it. The hall stands at the edge of the playing fields where there are football pitches, tennis courts and the bowling green. The hall contains dressing rooms for the playing fields, a fitted kitchen, bar area large hall and small meeting room. It holds quite a few events for the village including the village show and has a stage for concerts. It is also popular for receptions following village weddings. It has a very large car park, and the fireworks night bonfire and firework display take place at the far end away from the hall.
  • The main hall is the size of a badminton court and can seat 200 people. It has a raised stage at one end. At the other end is a huge window overlooking the playing fields and the escarpment of the Vale of Belvoir. The hall is fitted with a Public Address system and an audio loop.
  • Leading off the main hall is a bar, which can be used as a separate room if desired
  • The kitchen has a serving hatch into the main hall and a smaller one into the committee room. It has been modernised to commercial standards with grant-aid from Awards for All, Leicestershire County Council, Melton Borough Council and Clawson Hose & Harby Parish Council. Facilities include a large gas cooking range, hot cupboard and a commercial dish washer.
  • The committee room is separate from the rest of the hall and can be used to seat up to 20 people or as an additional room for changing etc.
  • There are Ladies, Gentlemen and Disabled-access toilets.
  • Disabled-access ramps runs up to the front and side doors
  • One full-sized football pitch is usually available and there is space for a second if needed
  • There are two changing rooms with showers for the use footballers and others
  • The tennis courts (which are accessed from a gate at the far-end of the field) are for the use of members of the Belvoir Vale Tennis Club
  • The bowling green (which is also accessed at the far-end of the field) are for the use of members of the Belvoir Vale Bowls Club
As you turn down pasture Lane from Clawson Lane, the sun tends to catch the large window of the hall, as it nestles in the valley, it stands out better than the tower of the village church. At some point I will endevour to remember to take my camera when we go out and take a photograph from the top of Pasture Lane across towards the church and the village.

We are lucky to have such a facility in the village, and ensure that it is well used.

This is the little chapel taken in about 1901, it has not altered much since then. We do not have a resident pastor, but a lay pastor who lives in the bungalow next to the chapel. The chapel is registered as a charity, so does not charge for the use of the rooms at the back of the chapel, instead people make a donation.