Thursday, 29 September 2016

Windy Thursday

Its a very windy morning, but not as windy as parts of Scotland.

We set off for Bingham, when we got to the library DB had taken the wrong books back......grrrrrr why he did not check them first I do not know.

I got my books quite quickly, so had to sit and wait for him.

Went on to Aldi, decent shop for just over £20.00. Once home shopping was packed away, tea drunk and then I did the bit of ironing from yesterday, DB was out in the garden till lunch time. We finished off the soup.

Macaroni cheese to  do for supper tonight, will do a couple of jacket spuds and the last of the tomatos in a salad. Took plums out of the freezer, plum crumble for dessert, need to do the crumble as well, will cook it in advance so it has a chance to cool.

Its a bright day, but the wind is taking any heat away. No plans for this afternoon once I have sorted the supper. I started a sweater to go with the hat and bootees, I can sit and finish that off.

I have put the recipe for mac cheese onto the recipe page at the top of my blog. Scroll down ill you find the entry.


  1. Another good day!

    I have just become aware of your recipe link on your blog. If you have the time please add your macaroni cheese. You are a fantastic cook.

    Take care.

  2. Oh, I've made the mistake of taking the wrong books back to the library, too. It led me to having one place near my purse for books to return and another place in our living room for the books I've not finished with yet. Saves a lot of bother since I cannot mix them up!

    How nice you two accomplished so much today!

    We had torrential storms with wind, rain, thunder, and lightening for nearly 12 hours from late yesterday afternoon until almost daylight this morning. The estimate is that 2" of rain fell so all is truly soggy. No mowing today!

    I hope to trim some of the wee HSTs meant to become a border for each of the two small star quilts. Perhaps I'll put a few more hand quilting stitching into Making Tracks, and then I'll sit and read. Later, I have another quiche to make for DS2 as well as cooking his dinner.

    DH seems to have a tummy bug so isn't a happy camper.



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