Friday, 30 September 2016

Where did September go??

Its the end of September today, where did the month go? what with visiting and then looking after DB, I have not seen much of this month, hopefully October will be better. The clocks will soon be going back, fires to light in the evening and curtains to draw earlier as the days draw in and night takes over. 

Its a bright day, sun is out and out of the wind its very pleasant, the wind keeps the temperature down a bit though. DB is out giving the gate a coat of preservative; its something he has wanted to do for a while. Decided on today as rain is forecast tomorrow and it has to prove for 6 hours, otherwise the rain will wash it off.

I have done the Friday clean, stripped the kitchen and sterilised the work surfaces and then cleaned the floor. Whilst I had the mop in my hand I also did the tops of the window frames on the back and cleaned the cills. Lots of spiders running for cover.......yuk.....

No plans for this afternoon, I am going to put my feet up and read. Fish and mustard mash for supper, will do the last of the green beans. Enough crumble from yesterday for dessert, so a splash of cream with it.

This is the hat and Ugg bootees I made there was also enough wool to make a jumper, remember the ones I made a couple of years ago for the African babies, its the same pattern, knitted all in one, the rib at the top forms short sleeves, I might have a go at another one and make the sleeves a bit longer. Not sure if the jumper will go to the g.grandson will have to see.

I have shucked some sweet corn for us to have for lunch with some bread and butter, there is still quite a lot left on the plants will have to take it off and cook it, then take the corn off and freeze it, I can use it up in soup and stews.

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