Monday, 26 September 2016

What a grey day

Very murky and we keep getting rain showers, I have laundry ready to go out, think its going to have to go in the dryer.....its big wash week.

Monday clean done, cleaned the tiles in the wet room, the surface of the floor is quite 'knobbly' so not to easy to clean with a cloth, need to use a mop.

Bed changed, cleaned the  bedroom windows, had not done them for a couple of weeks, the sitting room ones need doing too. I have put the dyson over the sitting room carpet, there are several, what look like tea stains, on it, a quick wipe with a damp cloth should see them gone. Just have the fire to clean out and relay.

DB has cleared out the coal shed, all the pots have gone into the sentry box, just the steps are inside the door, we will have to move them so the coal man can tip coal into the far side of the shed. Will not need any coal until the end of next month at the earliest. Just 2 bags will do us. We will just light the fire at tea time.

It has rained on and off all day, so dried the duvet cover in the dryer, the rest is on the airer, it should be dry enough to iron tomorrow.

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