Monday, 19 September 2016

Wet Monday

It was fine first thing, but started to rain as DB walked back after taking the car for its service. So no laundry today, maybe tomorrow.

Monday clean done, it takes me a bit longer, I have to clean down the tiles and there is more floor to mop. Managed to disturb a spider when I went round with the ceiling brush, yuk great horrid thing....

We managed to get the gas point number from the people who installed the gas pipes, so DB phoned to arrange for the meter to be fitted and also set up the gas account and reduce the amount we pay for electricity. Just now we are using just over £8 a week, the storage heaters are off. So, as they are coming out no point paying £63 a month.

We had scotch broth and toast for lunch, there was some left so its in the freezer, there is just enough for one serving, so will do DB sometime if I am out.

Still raining, I was going to do a bit more at the front garden weeds, as its still raining it will have to wait until a fine day.

Just trying to work out where the freezers etc are going to go whilst they fit the bedroom radiator and take out the storage heater. I would like to replace one of the sets of shelves with some I have seen in Ikea, they are taller and slightly wider. I would like 2 but cannot afford to buy two.

My elder daughter tells me that my Grand daughter is expecting a baby boy in March, I need to get the knitting needles out. Traditionally in our family first babies were girls, just my eldest son had two boys. Most of our Ggrandchildren have been boys just the one little girl..........

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