Wednesday, 28 September 2016


A typical autumn morning, its sunny, but there is a chill in the air, it smells clean and fresh.

A full load of coloureds in the washer, hope to get them dry. I finished yesterdays towels off in the dryer. I need to go and fold them and put them in their new home along with the ned linen I ironed on Monday. My sewing room looks like a bomb has hit it. I must get in there and sort everything out so its ready for the move round.

DD2 due this morning, about to make a pot of leek and potato soup for lunch. I have a garlic bread in the freezer, think I will do that with it. DD2 gets the 2pm bus home, so we will be nipping off to the garden centre, DB wants garlic bulbs, no idea where he is going to put them. One thing I do know I am going to have to cut the back grass. If we have a mild winter I may well end up cutting it through the winter too. 

We went to the garden centre after DD2 went for her bus. DB got Garlic and onions I bought a bag of bulb fibre, now I can plant the bulbs Cotton Reel gave me last week. Just have to find the bowl.

I got all the laundry dry, have a couple of things to iron but they will have to wait till tomorrow. It was cloudy this morning but the cloud has broken up and the sun it out, its quite mild.

Mince and dough balls for supper, I sent DD2 home with some sweet corn, I will shuck some more tomorrow for lunch with some fresh bread.

Cousins funeral went off ok, but his wife is a cause for concern, acting rather strange, does not want anyone at the house and wants it keeping exactly as it was before he died. She had not changed the bed and his cup is still by the side of his chair.........their son is very worried about her. Their daughter lives in Malaysia, she was all ready to fly home when she was told that if she left the country she would not be allowed back in.........she is married to a Malaysian chap, he went to college here in the UK, they went to Malaysia soon after they were married.

It is the harvest festival at the little chapel on Sunday, we are going to the harvest supper on Saturday night. I have made up one of my patchwork bags with some tins and packets of food. Caring for life is the charity that distributes them and also provides Christmas hampers for vulnerable people. They have a web site where you can read about their work. We are so lucky that we have enough to live on, there are so many people who, through no fault of their own, do not or who need support. Caring for life provides for as many of  them as they can. They are a registered charity based in Leeds.

I have been knitting this week, a pair of tiny 'Ugg' boots and a beanie hat for the expected new great grand child. I will be looking for bits and bobs I can make up into a parcel. I never buy first size things, they grow out of them so quickly, so I will be looking for 12 - 18 month baby grows etc.

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  1. You've certainly had another very productive day so hope this finds you relaxing with your feet up!

    I agree your cousin's wife's behavior is concerning so hope her son can keep close watch. Grief takes time to work through so perhaps this stage of keeping all as is will be a short one. Hope, too, her daughter's situation about not being allowed back in the UK can be fixed easily.

    How nice to have a visit with DD2 and I know your potato/leek soup with the garlic bread was delicious! While at the grocery a little while ago I nearly bought leeks but thought of the leftovers that need attention before making new soup.

    Hope you'll post a photo of the knitted Ugg boots when you can. :)



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