Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Last night I decided to withdraw from the quilting group. I have been aware for a while of an under current, lead by someone who told me she was a beginner, but it became obvious that she was not and in fact belonged to 2 other quilting groups. Then I was told that one of the deputy leaders had told a friend she could come and join the group. I had already suggested that the lady come to see me first as she too, I was told, had done patchwork before. I was not willing to accept a new member at this stage with the group until I saw for myself how experienced she was.

I have sent messages to all the ladies, my deputy who takes care of the cash has said she will also leave, and would like to stay in touch, It may be that an independant group evolves, we will see.
One of the ladies did email me to say that she entered her sampler quilt in the village show and got 2nd place, which just proves, despite what some people seem to think,  my methods of teaching do work.

We went round to the chapel for coffee this morning, a good group, we seem to be increasing in numbers each month which is good. There is no charge for the coffee but we leave £1 each time.

Waiting for the electrician to call and let me know what time he might arrive. I cannot wait to get the towels etc back in the airing cupboard. I know they will have to come out for the heating to be done, but I might get my sewing room back for a couple of weeks.

After mu blow out yesterday DB seems to have pulled himself together......last evening the atmosphere was very frosty, by this morning things had changed. I am certain he does not realise the strain he puts on me, I am not prepared to subject myself to those streeses any more. If he falls he is just going to have to pick himself up.

Its a rather warm day, I have the front door on the chain and the back door wide open to get a bit of a through breeze. I am hoping to cut part, if not all of the back grass this afternoon.

I promised you pictures of the wet room.......

This is the base for the shower area.

Hole in the wall for the vent axia

Covering put down over the hall carpet

Carpet covering in my sewing roo., new mash hand basin in bits

Posh tiling

Tiling and connections for the outside tap and the wash hand basin

The floor with the leveling scree on, creates a slight slope so the water runs into the drain.

Almost finished, wash hand basin in, the floor covering is down. Just bits and bobs to do now.

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