Friday, 16 September 2016


It was raining when we got up, by the time we were ready to drive to the hospital it was hissing down, both sets of wipers going 20 to the dozen.

We had a reasonable journey and were early, so I filled the car with diesel before we went on to the hospital.

DB had to go for an ECG, we then say and waited, and waited and waited, an hour and ten minutes after he should have been seen we got in to see the Dr. DB has been cleared to drive again, he has to have an echocardiogram to check his heart is pumping properly, then it will be decided whether to do a biopsy on the growth on his thymus. It depends what the biopsy shows as to how we go from there. Neither of us is keen for him to have surgery to remove it.....we will see.

It was fine as we drove home. I am going to spend the afternoon reading.

Fish and wedges for supper, the last of the fruit in jelly for dessert.

Shattered, fell asleep on the settee whilst DB was doing more of his jigsaw. Still having problems with connecting via the router.

The instructions to layer up and bind the mat has been added to the tutorial. Its a bit hit and miss cannot get the thing to move up under the title. I hope you can understand the instructions.

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