Tuesday, 27 September 2016


I slept in this morning,and for the first time for 3 months, DB brought me my breakfast in bed......

Once I was up, showered and dressed, the washer went on, it was a bit of a dull morning but plenty of wind, so the towels etc went out on the line.

DB was in the shed I decided to have a clear out in the shelved cupboard in my sewing room. I am planning to put the linen from the airing cupboard in there whilst the heating is sorted and I manage to get the shelves back in the cupboard. I have rung the odd job chap and asked him to come and see me. Fingers crossed its not going to cost too much. There is a large bag sitting in the hall waiting to go to the charity shop. I put one pair of curtains in very sadly, they were in the spare room at the flat in Haddington. They are too short to fit here, so they have to go. I did love them though.

DB went for his siesta, When he got up he dug a couple of leeks, I will make soup for DD2 when she comes tomorrow. I have a loaf in.

It has cleared up quite a bit, there is a weak sun, but it will not last long.

I did manage to iron the sheets etc from yesterday, so thats one job out of the way.

DB seems to get a little stronger every day, he is eating well and spent an hour or so in the shed this morning sorting it out. He keeps far too much rubbish. I went through a box of jam jars, I have a dozen in the cupboard, the rest I have put on a local website, if they do not go they will go in the bucket.

I need to get my act together and cut the back grass, I did the front last week.

I have a piece of gammon to cook tonight, will do a couple of eggs and some tomato with it. One banana left so will sort out something for dessert.

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