Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Computer chappie came to sort out a couple of problems with the lap top, all seems to be working ok again, fingers crossed.

Managed to get hold of the council to pass on word that we have a date for the installation of the gas meter. The heating engineers contacted me, they are starting on 17th October so by the 19th the heating should be up and running. Hooray!!! I have to empty the airing cupboard and DD1 and DSIL are coming to help me move the stuff so the chaps can get at the old heater and put the radiator under the window, then we have to put everything back.

Did not do much this morning really, made some tomato sauce with the tomatoes from the garden. We had cheese on toast for lunch with sliced tomato on the top, very nice.

Have just been to the next village to collect my prescription, I had run out of medication again.......

DB spent part of the morning on his jigsaw, I had put a load of laundry in, it was raining when I went to put it on the line, so the light things I stuck in the dryer, the rest of the stuff is on the airer in the sewing room.

I fell asleep on the settee whilst DB was having his siesta.

The village is unusually quiet, just now. The children have gone back to school after half term. the trees are beginning to shed their leaves and the mist hangs on the hill till late in the mornings, sometimes it does not clear at all. 

The temperature has fallen quite a bit, there is a definite coolness in the air, I will have to change the duvet shortly to the thicker one.

We still have tractors trundling round, the silage and cereal crops have been gathered in, its ploughing thats going on now ready for next years crops to be sown.

I still need to finish weeding the front garden, and the grass needs cutting again, it will have to dry out a bit first.

Sewing has been packed away for now.

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