Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Gosh its been very warm today........the heating people came today. measured up, has agreed to put one radiator where I want it,but the sitting room one may have to go under the window, depends on the size. It will be a couple of weeks before we hear from them, but the installation will only take 2 days. We are waiting for the gas meter to be fitted, hopefully either this week or next then I have to sort out our gas supplier.

We had our lunch and set off for the hospital, we were there in good time for the appointment at 1.45 pm, it was 3 pm before we got to see the Dr. depends on the outcome of DB's cardiology appointment on Friday as to what happens next. We just got back to the car within the ticket time phewww......

It has been such a hot day the air con in the car has been working overtime. I did get a load of washing done and dried, just needs putting away.

I did the bit of ironing from yesterday, so thats out of the way too.

No sewing done. I need to think about moving the sewing room round so the workmen can get to the old heater to take it out and the window to hang the radiator. at least the mess will only last a couple of days this time.


  1. Hope all the news was good about DB's heart but am sorry you had such a long wait to see the doctor. Hope you both took books along with you to help while away the waiting time.

    Wishing you well with the sewing room turnover to make space for the old rad. to come out and the new one to be installed.

    Be sure to keep your feet up whenever possible! Am about to do that myself right now.


  2. Agree with Barbara Anne - it does sound like the mess this time around is not going to be quite as bad. Isn't it lovely to have such good drying weather in September.

    All the best.



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