Tuesday, 6 September 2016


A more peaceful day in some respects, no one banging hell out of the bathroom, but cannot do any cleaning until Friday after the electrician has been. DB has an appointment at the hospital on Thursday, so I will be fit for nothing.

He is driving me quietly insane.........nagged me to go to the chemiost and get his medication which he does not need until Thursday,  Then he wanted to go to the post office and get the TV choice, it was closed........its tuesday they close at 12 noon and it was well after that when we got there.After lunch he went for his siesta and then decided he was going to pick tomato's which was what he was doing when he fell on Sunday, so muggins had to go with him 'in case he fell again'. Next thing, 'you should pick some more rhubarb, and the corn might be ripe', I was never so near hitting him with his crutch as I was then..............I am so tired I could sit and cry..........

The chap came and put the key safe on for us and has set the number for us. I need to get a key cut for it next time I go into town. I also need to contact the lifeline people so they have  number.

At last the computer chappie has been another £25 to sort out the lap tops. I have ordered a new one, DB can have this one.

Had a blow out at DB earlier, he is driving me nuts, could not decide what he wanted with his pasta for supper............someone give me patience.............


  1. Oh, sorry to hear that DB cannot sit with a book or puzzle so you can do what you want or need to do undisturbed.

    Can you get the TV schedule sent to your home if you subscribe?

    I know what you mean about the aggravation in arriving at a business after they closed early or were closed for the day. In the years I've used the library here I've arrived several times on Thursdays when they're closed. Last week when I was there, I saw an announcement that they'll now be open on Thursdays!

    The heat is back here and will be until next week. How annoying for September.

    One more sleep for you and the electrician should be there to finish the wet room. Hang in there!

    Big hugs!

  2. As we say here, "Give me patience and I want it NOW!!!"
    Sympathizing with your plight....can you close the door and sew a bit?

  3. Being the caregiver is the most thankless job on earth. (((Hugs)))

  4. A very difficult time for you. Take lots of deep breaths!!! If you can sort out even a short 'me' time every day which Nothing will disturb that may help. Best wishes. 'Keep Calm and Carry On Quilting'. Ann x


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