Thursday, 22 September 2016


Up and out to the hospital by 9.45, very quick appointment, were on the way home just after 10.30. A chap in the car park gave us his ticket with an hour on so we did not have to pay....even  better.

I harvested sweetcorn and cooked it for lunch, very sweet. 

After DB had his siesta we both spent an hour in the garden him in the back me at the front. An hour was enough.

Supper tonight, cheese and onion quiche, tomato and cucumber salad, beetroot and coleslaw. I have a rice pudding for dessert.

As we came down the hill towards Long Clawson the skyline was so clear, I wish I had a camera with me. Its been a sunny warm afternoon. It quickly cools down though once the sun goes and we have to draw the curtains around 7.30pm. We will soon be in October, someone remarked yesterday it was 100 days or some such the The C word..........

DD1 goes to Cuba this weekend for 2 weeks. When she gets back it will be her 56th birthday, unbelievable......where have all those years gone.


  1. How lovely that the appt. today was a quick one and even nicer that you were again given a parking ticket with time on it by a generous soul!

    Good to have accomplished that weeding that was bothering you both so the gardens front and back can be a pleasure to enjoy once again.

    Hope DD1 has a wonderful trip and a happy birthday when the date arrives. It's odd to see Cuba as a vacation destination after the many decades when it wasn't one of the choices.

    Our sons are both in their 30s and we wonder where the time went, too.

    Am about to stitch up that two part hanging sleeve as I've let a few days go by with it pressed and waiting. A load of laundry is in the wash and the dishwasher will be running when the washer is finished.

    We had more rain last night but there is sunshine and cooler temperatures today.


  2. A very good day with lovely weather and another paid parking ticket. Well done!

    Isn't it amazing where young people go on their holiday these days and for a reasonable cost as well.

  3. Glad your day went well and all positive. Did you buy the quiche or was it one of your own?? After the leek and potato soup I am beginning to think you might think of writing a recipe book. Recipe if it is not too much trouble, but if it is I shall understand. Thank you. Love Andie x x x x x x


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