Thursday, 8 September 2016


Shower last night and another this morning....bliss........

DB had an appointment at hospital this morning, right round the other side of the city, we left early and with no traffic problems were early for the appointment. We did not have to wait long and were actually on the way to DD2's before the original appointment time. Car park cost us nothing a kind lady gave us hers that had over 2 hours left on it, I passed it on when we left. He has been discharged scan showed no abnormailities, but it did show the clot in his lung......that was back in April, so the clot has been there for some time. Longer than we thought.

Nice lunch with DD2, ham rolls and an apple for me, same with  yogurt for DB. I called in at Lild on the way home. DB realised he had left his book at DD's so went back to pick it up and drove home by what we call the back way.

Shopping all put away, cup of tea in the hand, once I have drunk it I am off out to cut the back grass. I need to take the tape measure out and draw a plan of how I want the back garden doing. Putting in deep beds so DB can sit if he needs to rather than doing his falling trick.

Its turned into another very warm day, sun is out, but there is a breeze as long as someone I know will leave the back door open!!

Quite a bit of fall out from my withdrawal from the quilting group, they are quite capable of going on their own, they have all had enough projects to be able to tackle more or less anything now, they just need to get on with it. Have to admit its a weight off my mind not having to sort out projects and get all the instructions etc done and then demo.

I have the blocks for the sampler quilt which I used as demo's I need to find something to do with them, I also have the ohio star quilt for our bed to finish.

Its the village show this weekend. I am entering the churn dash quilt and also the feather stitch blanket I made. Might also bake some scones.......I will see.

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