Sunday, 18 September 2016


No rain, the sun is trying to come out. It was quite cols this morning when I went through to get our Sunday breakfast in bed. It was after 10 before I was fit to face the world.

I went out to the front garden to start weeding. DB to the back to start chopping up the tomato plants and put them in the compost bin.

I was only able to do one side of the garden before my back told me it was time to stop and get some lunch. New bread, cheese and tomatoes.......they are so sweet with a little salt on them....yummy.

Prepped the veg for tonight supper, pork, roast courgette, butternut squash and potatoes, cabbage and carrots. I was going to go an apple and gooseberry crumble, but I noticed that one of the bananas was developing little brown spots so we will have that instead and the apple can go in the freezer.

I have done the second tutorial, will put it up later today. There will be a gap now, I have a lot of UFO's that need sorting.

Decent nights sleep, did not wake for the loo, makes a change, I usually stumble out still half asleep. I was glad we had put the duvet back on the bed after sleeping under just a sheet and a quilt whilst it was so warm.

Decided to stick the towels in the washer, they are out on the line, hope they dry ok, they were late going out. I can always shove them in the dryer for half an hour if they need finishing off.

DB is going for his siesta, I am going to read, might even have a Nana nap. 

Nothing more from DGD who is 20 and thinks she is a lawyer and knows everything. I am just not rising to the bait. Her main aim in life seems to be winding people up so she can slag them off.

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