Sunday, 4 September 2016


I was very tired after driving in all that rain yesterday, so we have only just surfaced, having had breakfast in bed.

DB is out in the garden for his half hour a day, I may put it up to three quarters tomorrow. I am anxious that he does not overdo things and end up back in hospital.

We have a hospital visit this week to get the results of a scan he had some time ago.

It was sunny but windy when I got up to get the breakfast, it has clouded over, but DB assures me that it is not going to rain. I have a washer full of laundry. We are likely to have no water for most of tomorrow whilst everything is connected up, so wanted to get the washing out of the way.

Could not wait any longer for the computer techie to come so have started to use the Microsoft Edge I hate it but needs must, there was something I needed to print off, I did not have it on my IPad. I am hoping the techie will get to us tomorrow. Its the programme I use to plot our budget that I need and Edge will not let it load from the backup.........I really do not want to have to sort it all again. Also all my documents and pictures are missing and I have no idea how to get to them. Once the techie has sorted it out I am going to have another massive down load to the external drive and back up each week as usual.

Arrgghhhhh DB went out into the garden for 30 minutes and he has fallen again!!! I am more than annoyed with him, he seems dead set on having me in a wooden overcoat before him. He is banned from doing anything in the garden I do not care if everything rots away, I have not got the time to garden and look after him.

So tired this afternoon, even a Nana nap has not worked.DB went for his siesta, he does not seem to have suffered from his fall this morning, but I will wait and see what tomorrow brings. I do not know what he is going to do with himself if he cannot garden.

Chicken for supper tonight with roast spuds, green beans and carrots. One banana left do will possibly bake it and halve it between us.

It has stayed fine, the laundry has dried just a couple of things to press, they can wait till tomorrow too. It did look at one point as if it might rain, but the clouds blew over, the sun is making an effort to shine.

Next Sunday is the village show.........


  1. Would it be possible to have one or two raised bed for your Beloved to garden in, whilst sitting in a chair or on the edge of them? Also, are there any acquaintances at your church or chapel coffee group who would sit with him for an hour or two?

  2. I was just going to say that! Raised beds. Or an upturned crate so not so far to fall. Its a shame if gardening is what he loves but I fully appreciate your point of view. And you seem to be overtiring yourself......x

  3. I am considering raised beds and have been for a while, Knowing DB he would manage to fall into one of them!! As far as the Chapel group goes, there is no one there who could sit with DB, we are waiting a visit from the WRVS to see if they can help us, otherwise I am going to have to take him with me to the group meetings. Its not just an hour or two but 5 hours in total I am out of the house.

  4. I was wondering if a garden table would work if it were high enough for a chair to go under it but low enough to re-pot plants or weed while sitting? Then there are Rollator-type zimmer frames with wheels and a seat that might provide some stability. Wishing you inspiration for a workable solution for keeping DB safe while he's in outside.

    Perhaps the occupational therapist would have good ideas as his love of gardening isn't unique and there are other gardeners who have had similar problems.

    Hope you have a good night's sleep and awake refreshed in the morning. How exciting to anticipate a working shower before the end of the week!


  5. I hope you sort out the dilemma of DB and the garden soon, it's a shame to have to limit him to the one thing he loves to do! Barbara Anne! What a unique woman you are! You see good and optimism in everything, and your turn of phrasing is very uplifting, hoping your Shower room gets up and running soon, take care x


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