Saturday, 24 September 2016


Funny start to the day. I looked at my little clock and it said 9.45 am. I shot up and looked at DB's clock 7.45 am little clock is regulated by a radio signal from somewhere on the continent, think they got their countries mixed up.

DB went out to the garden to, do a bit of a tidy up in the shed and then to string the onions and shallots that were drying off in the plastic greenhouse.

I sliced an onion and chopped up some of the tomato's and made tomato puree.

Then I went out and cut the front grass. Once that was done I re-arranged the pots in the nursery at the side of the house and moved the little tomato house to the side of the plastic green house. That was me done for the morning.

DB has just gone for his siesta, I am going to read for a while. Have done a shopping list for tomorrow, need to go to Morrison and also Lidl.

Its fine but windy. I have put the bath towels out on the line, they are not drying properly now the mornings are getting colder. It will be ok once we have the heating in. Keep looking at the sewing roon and shuddering, having to move all that stuff....aarrgghhhh and empty the airing cupboard too...........


We do not often go out but today when DB got up after his siesta we decided to go to the local Hospice coffee shop for afternoon tea.....we really enjoyed tea for 2 with scones, better and jam. I did manage to get out of the shop without buying any more crystal!! Major win there.

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