Saturday, 3 September 2016


A fine morning, not too late getting up as we were going to see my quilting friend. 

Picked some sweet peas, half a cabbage, more shallots and a magazine for her to look at.

When we set out it was drizzling by the time we got onto the main row it was chucking it down and continued until we got to my friends.

A lovely afternoon chatting and eating freshly made scones with jam and cream.

By the time we came to return home it had stopped raining, no sun, still quite dull. A lot of traffic, and the south bound lane of the A46 was at a standstill for miles, no idea what was causing the problem.

Supper beef stew with dumpling and veg, no dessert me thinks.

I am feeling quite tired so tomorrow will be an easy day, just slumming about. Monday we are back to the workmen finishing off the wet room.......cannot wait ti get my first shower..........


  1. It's marvelous that you and your sweet quilting friend can get together often to enjoy each other's company and conversation! Sorry about the annoying traffic while you were en route home.

    As usual, your menu sounds delicious. It's chilly and breezy here, but we did get some rain. Methinks I'll have soup for lunch when I get back from cooking next door.

    It's no wonder you're worn out with all that's been going on around you for the last 2 weeks. Wishing you sweet dreams tonight.

    Enjoy your day of taking it easy!


  2. "chatting and eating freshly made scones with jam and cream." good for the soul indeed!

  3. Sounds like a nice day. I spent most of it on the roads of Cornwall driving in the rain. A lazy day for me Sunday.

  4. What a super day you had,seems like you are gradually returning to your old self again!
    Take Care x


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