Saturday, 17 September 2016

Saturday and its wet

I slept in this morning, DB woke me just before 9.30 with my breakfast, I finally  managed into the shower at 10.30. Since then I have been mucking about with various things.

DB is now cleared to drive again, so he went for the TV times. I had just got out the shower when he came back.

Its a nasty wet day and cold.....I am fighting the urge to light the fire.......managed to resist so far.

Made some scones after lunch and also put a loaf on, we are out of bread. DB wants macaroni cheese for supper, will use some of our glut of tomatoes to make a tomato and cucumber salad to go with it.  I need to get myself into gear and make some passatta.

Not a lot to report really very quiet day so far.

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