Friday, 2 September 2016

It's that time of year again.

The nights are drawing in as Autumn comes, there is a 'feeling' in the air. Soon there will be the smell of wood smoke as people begin to light their fires as the evenings cool. The chestnut trees around the village have empty cases scattered on the ground. The recent winds will have dislodged some, however I bet the small boys in the village will have done their fair share knocking the nuts down with sticks. Gardens are being tidied up and put 'to bed'. Grass mown and the vegetable harvest gathered. The road through the village has been busy with tractors bringing in the hay and silage and the fields ploughed, the wind blows a smell across and we know that muck spreading has started.

The fruit trees  in the communal orchard will be stripped of fruit, much of it delivered to villagers who will preserve it for later use.

It is also time for the village show.........last year I entered a quilt, you may remember, and walked off with the class prize as well as best in show. I doubt I will do as well this year. I have decided to put in another quilt, the churn dash I made 15 years ago, it has been on the bed ever since I made it. I am also going to enter the woollen blanket I knitted last winter. I may also enter the photograph
I took of the Canal du Midi in France some several years ago. I need to get it enlarged and mounted.

I gave cleaned the two cups ready to hand them back, my name will be engraved on them for posterity. I hope the show is as successful this year as it was last year. It will be held in the village hall, it's usual venue. Last year because of a double booking the Baptist Chapel lent the marquee which was erected on the village green.

Thoughts will turn to the coming of winter and of course Christmas. I will be doing an audit of the freezers and food cupboards. I always keep a reasonable store cupboard, living in the country as we do, it is as well to make sure we have supplies against heavy snow, which can fall in the Vale, the roads may be difficult and unless an emergency arises we will sit tight until the weather improves. It is not necessarily the snow that is the problem but the ice that forms on the roads, our 'rolling English roads' are very dangerous especially on the bends and there are seven of them between us and the next village; some of which are quite tight even in good weather.

Once the wet room and heating have been sorted I need to think about projects for the quilting group. I have the Christmas stuff sorted, ideas for 2017 need to be put into practice, so the sewing machine will be humming away. The group will be settling in for its third year. I need to think about the display for the 'meet the groups' day in January.

The years seem to pass quicker the older you get, there are times when I want to shout Stop!! I want to get off"................

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