Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Its finished

The wash basin end of the wet room

The shower unit.

At last its finished, its been cleaned out and the linen put away in the cupboard till we have to remove it for the central heating to be installed.

We will be trying it out tonight and again in the morning!!


  1. Very nice job in your wet room. It must feel good to have something done. Take Care!

  2. Delighted with your wet room, it did not take long in the end. Have you got a shower seat for hubby? There is the one that is like an open commode and then there are the seats that fit to the wall. Just wondering with his propensity to falls. You will both benefit from this adapted room, I am sure. Love Andie xxx

  3. Fabulous, you are so very fortunate to have that done. Here in the USA we are not so lucky.

  4. Lovely! We have a wheeled shower chair which is very useful. And grab rails too which in my husband's case are essential.

  5. Joy, joy, joy!!!!!! This has been a long time coming but it is finished at last. Bliss!!



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