Thursday, 1 September 2016

Installing the wet room day 2

 I had hoped to put up some photos, but unless I can get my IPad to cooperate they will have to sit till I have the lap top sorted once again.

A fine sunny morning for the first of the Autumn months, are we going to have an Indian summer I wonder.

Waiting for the workman to arrive, he is going to be tiling today, I hope the wash hand basin will be going in too. Last night and this morning the abutions were done at the kitchen sink.

DB has ventured out to the garden he is allowed 30 minutes, once again last night he fell asleep just before supper, had to wake him.

No idea what I am going to be doing today, no point cleaning, the dust is going everywhere.

Two of the walls are now tiled and the start of the boxing in of the pipes, the floor is being prepped for the special floor covering to go down.

I have tried to put photos on but failed miserably, once I have got my lap top sorted I will post them over a couple of posts.

It has been another nice day, but pleasantly cooler. I have the towels on the line. Need to fetch them in and fold them.

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