Friday, 23 September 2016


Slow morning, I went out into the garden and collected a cabbage, sweetcorn, leeks and tomatoes to take to my friend. She said she would  not need to buy any veg this week.

We finished off yesterdays left over quiche, with the day befores baked beans and a round of toast for an early lunch.

The sun had broken through during the morning, so it was sun glasses all the way.

Spent a very pleasant afternoon drinking tea, eating lemon sponge and putting the world to rights.

She had bought me 5 paper white bulbs, I need to get some bulb fibre to grow them, they need starting off now if they are to flower at Christmas.

The traffic on the A46 was horrendous, there did not seem to be a reason for it, the tail back at one exit had blocked the inside lane. Once we got passed the roundabout at The Hobby Horse, the traffic thinned out.

The sun is still out but the temperature is dropping a bit.

Supper on, fish with mash green beans and parsley sauce......

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