Friday, 9 September 2016


A windy but fine morning. A full house clean done except the kitchen floor it will have to wait till tomorrow, too bushed to do it now.

Computer  man came with my computer, it will be a bit of a learning curve, what will be worse is trying to teach DB how to use my old one, his has virtually died.

Step son is on his way to visit, so he will keep DB occupied for a while.

Not a lot to report, lots of tomato's waiting to be picked.

I cooked 2 sweetcorn at lunchtime, delicious, so sweet, just had them with butter and salt on them. Yummy, will pick a couple more tomorrow and take the kernals off and freeze them.

Disaster.....I pulled on of my large crystal wine goblets onto the floor, it shattered. that the second one I have broken.....sniff....I had drunk the wine so I suppose that's something.

I am sorting out a tutorial for the Christmas mat, it may be next week before Inget it up, buI will post when its ready for viewing.

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