Friday, 30 September 2016

Where did September go??

Its the end of September today, where did the month go? what with visiting and then looking after DB, I have not seen much of this month, hopefully October will be better. The clocks will soon be going back, fires to light in the evening and curtains to draw earlier as the days draw in and night takes over. 

Its a bright day, sun is out and out of the wind its very pleasant, the wind keeps the temperature down a bit though. DB is out giving the gate a coat of preservative; its something he has wanted to do for a while. Decided on today as rain is forecast tomorrow and it has to prove for 6 hours, otherwise the rain will wash it off.

I have done the Friday clean, stripped the kitchen and sterilised the work surfaces and then cleaned the floor. Whilst I had the mop in my hand I also did the tops of the window frames on the back and cleaned the cills. Lots of spiders running for cover.......yuk.....

No plans for this afternoon, I am going to put my feet up and read. Fish and mustard mash for supper, will do the last of the green beans. Enough crumble from yesterday for dessert, so a splash of cream with it.

This is the hat and Ugg bootees I made there was also enough wool to make a jumper, remember the ones I made a couple of years ago for the African babies, its the same pattern, knitted all in one, the rib at the top forms short sleeves, I might have a go at another one and make the sleeves a bit longer. Not sure if the jumper will go to the g.grandson will have to see.

I have shucked some sweet corn for us to have for lunch with some bread and butter, there is still quite a lot left on the plants will have to take it off and cook it, then take the corn off and freeze it, I can use it up in soup and stews.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Windy Thursday

Its a very windy morning, but not as windy as parts of Scotland.

We set off for Bingham, when we got to the library DB had taken the wrong books back......grrrrrr why he did not check them first I do not know.

I got my books quite quickly, so had to sit and wait for him.

Went on to Aldi, decent shop for just over £20.00. Once home shopping was packed away, tea drunk and then I did the bit of ironing from yesterday, DB was out in the garden till lunch time. We finished off the soup.

Macaroni cheese to  do for supper tonight, will do a couple of jacket spuds and the last of the tomatos in a salad. Took plums out of the freezer, plum crumble for dessert, need to do the crumble as well, will cook it in advance so it has a chance to cool.

Its a bright day, but the wind is taking any heat away. No plans for this afternoon once I have sorted the supper. I started a sweater to go with the hat and bootees, I can sit and finish that off.

I have put the recipe for mac cheese onto the recipe page at the top of my blog. Scroll down ill you find the entry.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


A typical autumn morning, its sunny, but there is a chill in the air, it smells clean and fresh.

A full load of coloureds in the washer, hope to get them dry. I finished yesterdays towels off in the dryer. I need to go and fold them and put them in their new home along with the ned linen I ironed on Monday. My sewing room looks like a bomb has hit it. I must get in there and sort everything out so its ready for the move round.

DD2 due this morning, about to make a pot of leek and potato soup for lunch. I have a garlic bread in the freezer, think I will do that with it. DD2 gets the 2pm bus home, so we will be nipping off to the garden centre, DB wants garlic bulbs, no idea where he is going to put them. One thing I do know I am going to have to cut the back grass. If we have a mild winter I may well end up cutting it through the winter too. 

We went to the garden centre after DD2 went for her bus. DB got Garlic and onions I bought a bag of bulb fibre, now I can plant the bulbs Cotton Reel gave me last week. Just have to find the bowl.

I got all the laundry dry, have a couple of things to iron but they will have to wait till tomorrow. It was cloudy this morning but the cloud has broken up and the sun it out, its quite mild.

Mince and dough balls for supper, I sent DD2 home with some sweet corn, I will shuck some more tomorrow for lunch with some fresh bread.

Cousins funeral went off ok, but his wife is a cause for concern, acting rather strange, does not want anyone at the house and wants it keeping exactly as it was before he died. She had not changed the bed and his cup is still by the side of his chair.........their son is very worried about her. Their daughter lives in Malaysia, she was all ready to fly home when she was told that if she left the country she would not be allowed back in.........she is married to a Malaysian chap, he went to college here in the UK, they went to Malaysia soon after they were married.

It is the harvest festival at the little chapel on Sunday, we are going to the harvest supper on Saturday night. I have made up one of my patchwork bags with some tins and packets of food. Caring for life is the charity that distributes them and also provides Christmas hampers for vulnerable people. They have a web site where you can read about their work. We are so lucky that we have enough to live on, there are so many people who, through no fault of their own, do not or who need support. Caring for life provides for as many of  them as they can. They are a registered charity based in Leeds.

I have been knitting this week, a pair of tiny 'Ugg' boots and a beanie hat for the expected new great grand child. I will be looking for bits and bobs I can make up into a parcel. I never buy first size things, they grow out of them so quickly, so I will be looking for 12 - 18 month baby grows etc.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016


I slept in this morning,and for the first time for 3 months, DB brought me my breakfast in bed......

Once I was up, showered and dressed, the washer went on, it was a bit of a dull morning but plenty of wind, so the towels etc went out on the line.

DB was in the shed I decided to have a clear out in the shelved cupboard in my sewing room. I am planning to put the linen from the airing cupboard in there whilst the heating is sorted and I manage to get the shelves back in the cupboard. I have rung the odd job chap and asked him to come and see me. Fingers crossed its not going to cost too much. There is a large bag sitting in the hall waiting to go to the charity shop. I put one pair of curtains in very sadly, they were in the spare room at the flat in Haddington. They are too short to fit here, so they have to go. I did love them though.

DB went for his siesta, When he got up he dug a couple of leeks, I will make soup for DD2 when she comes tomorrow. I have a loaf in.

It has cleared up quite a bit, there is a weak sun, but it will not last long.

I did manage to iron the sheets etc from yesterday, so thats one job out of the way.

DB seems to get a little stronger every day, he is eating well and spent an hour or so in the shed this morning sorting it out. He keeps far too much rubbish. I went through a box of jam jars, I have a dozen in the cupboard, the rest I have put on a local website, if they do not go they will go in the bucket.

I need to get my act together and cut the back grass, I did the front last week.

I have a piece of gammon to cook tonight, will do a couple of eggs and some tomato with it. One banana left so will sort out something for dessert.

Monday, 26 September 2016

What a grey day

Very murky and we keep getting rain showers, I have laundry ready to go out, think its going to have to go in the dryer.....its big wash week.

Monday clean done, cleaned the tiles in the wet room, the surface of the floor is quite 'knobbly' so not to easy to clean with a cloth, need to use a mop.

Bed changed, cleaned the  bedroom windows, had not done them for a couple of weeks, the sitting room ones need doing too. I have put the dyson over the sitting room carpet, there are several, what look like tea stains, on it, a quick wipe with a damp cloth should see them gone. Just have the fire to clean out and relay.

DB has cleared out the coal shed, all the pots have gone into the sentry box, just the steps are inside the door, we will have to move them so the coal man can tip coal into the far side of the shed. Will not need any coal until the end of next month at the earliest. Just 2 bags will do us. We will just light the fire at tea time.

It has rained on and off all day, so dried the duvet cover in the dryer, the rest is on the airer, it should be dry enough to iron tomorrow.

Sunday, 25 September 2016


Our usual Sunday breakfast in bed.

Once up, showered and dressed we were on our way into town. Morrison first, then I nipped into a shop and got next years diaries we have appointments to fill in already.

Our last call was at Lidl. Home James.....lunch and DB went for his siesta. I was reading a book by Patricia Scanlon. I am not keen on books written about Ireland, but I did enjoy this one and I also like Maeve Binchy.

Its sunny but cool, I need to clean out the fire and relay it. I think we may need it lit when the sun starts to go down. Have been lighting it around 5pm, not every night just a shovel full of coal once its burnt up.

DD1 left for Cuba this morning, I hope they have a good time, she works very hard and deserves her well earned rest. She and SIL will come the weekend the heating people start on the Monday to help us move the stuff in the back bedroom and also empty the airing cupboard. DD2 is due this week, she is on holiday for a week, guess she will be having a few lie ins, she has an early start and is often late getting home, they have to cash up after the shop has closed.

Once the heating has been done I need to get hold of the handy man to put slatted shelves in the airing cupboard where the tank has been taken out. I am hoping to save the wood from the present shelves, some of it will have to be cut down.

Everything is ready for supper, just have to cook the veg, have sliced the gammon, enough for tonight and gammon salad tomorrow and then for a couple more gammon dinners during the month....I did buy some stewing steak this morning, it will do us for beef and bean casserole with dumplings........anf then just a beef stew. 

The sun is almost over the yard arm its time for a glass of something fruity and cold........

Saturday, 24 September 2016


Funny start to the day. I looked at my little clock and it said 9.45 am. I shot up and looked at DB's clock 7.45 am little clock is regulated by a radio signal from somewhere on the continent, think they got their countries mixed up.

DB went out to the garden to, do a bit of a tidy up in the shed and then to string the onions and shallots that were drying off in the plastic greenhouse.

I sliced an onion and chopped up some of the tomato's and made tomato puree.

Then I went out and cut the front grass. Once that was done I re-arranged the pots in the nursery at the side of the house and moved the little tomato house to the side of the plastic green house. That was me done for the morning.

DB has just gone for his siesta, I am going to read for a while. Have done a shopping list for tomorrow, need to go to Morrison and also Lidl.

Its fine but windy. I have put the bath towels out on the line, they are not drying properly now the mornings are getting colder. It will be ok once we have the heating in. Keep looking at the sewing roon and shuddering, having to move all that stuff....aarrgghhhh and empty the airing cupboard too...........


We do not often go out but today when DB got up after his siesta we decided to go to the local Hospice coffee shop for afternoon tea.....we really enjoyed tea for 2 with scones, better and jam. I did manage to get out of the shop without buying any more crystal!! Major win there.

Friday, 23 September 2016


Slow morning, I went out into the garden and collected a cabbage, sweetcorn, leeks and tomatoes to take to my friend. She said she would  not need to buy any veg this week.

We finished off yesterdays left over quiche, with the day befores baked beans and a round of toast for an early lunch.

The sun had broken through during the morning, so it was sun glasses all the way.

Spent a very pleasant afternoon drinking tea, eating lemon sponge and putting the world to rights.

She had bought me 5 paper white bulbs, I need to get some bulb fibre to grow them, they need starting off now if they are to flower at Christmas.

The traffic on the A46 was horrendous, there did not seem to be a reason for it, the tail back at one exit had blocked the inside lane. Once we got passed the roundabout at The Hobby Horse, the traffic thinned out.

The sun is still out but the temperature is dropping a bit.

Supper on, fish with mash green beans and parsley sauce......

Thursday, 22 September 2016


Up and out to the hospital by 9.45, very quick appointment, were on the way home just after 10.30. A chap in the car park gave us his ticket with an hour on so we did not have to pay....even  better.

I harvested sweetcorn and cooked it for lunch, very sweet. 

After DB had his siesta we both spent an hour in the garden him in the back me at the front. An hour was enough.

Supper tonight, cheese and onion quiche, tomato and cucumber salad, beetroot and coleslaw. I have a rice pudding for dessert.

As we came down the hill towards Long Clawson the skyline was so clear, I wish I had a camera with me. Its been a sunny warm afternoon. It quickly cools down though once the sun goes and we have to draw the curtains around 7.30pm. We will soon be in October, someone remarked yesterday it was 100 days or some such the The C word..........

DD1 goes to Cuba this weekend for 2 weeks. When she gets back it will be her 56th birthday, unbelievable......where have all those years gone.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Our driver was early, we were not quite ready. Quick trip into the town, we then had an hour and a half wait to see the Dr. Blood test done, and a further appointment in December.

Very late having lunch so just a cup a soup. toad in the hole tonight with baked beans.

A phone call this afternoon, DB has to go for his Echocardiogram tomorrow at 10.45, so another drive into Leicester.

I decided to clean the kitchen floor, it was quite mucky, DB swept the mud away that had dropped off our garden shoes.

I went on line to read to local newspaper, always look at the BM&D page, to my astonishment my 2nd cousin who was 7 years older than me passed away 25th August, his funeral is next week. We were the only two children in our generation, so spent a lot of time together. He was 80 in April. His daughter lives in Malaysia, I think may be the funeral has been delayed to allow her to get here.

It was quite muggy this morning, the sun has just broken through. I have a sheet on the line, hope it dries.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Computer chappie came to sort out a couple of problems with the lap top, all seems to be working ok again, fingers crossed.

Managed to get hold of the council to pass on word that we have a date for the installation of the gas meter. The heating engineers contacted me, they are starting on 17th October so by the 19th the heating should be up and running. Hooray!!! I have to empty the airing cupboard and DD1 and DSIL are coming to help me move the stuff so the chaps can get at the old heater and put the radiator under the window, then we have to put everything back.

Did not do much this morning really, made some tomato sauce with the tomatoes from the garden. We had cheese on toast for lunch with sliced tomato on the top, very nice.

Have just been to the next village to collect my prescription, I had run out of medication again.......

DB spent part of the morning on his jigsaw, I had put a load of laundry in, it was raining when I went to put it on the line, so the light things I stuck in the dryer, the rest of the stuff is on the airer in the sewing room.

I fell asleep on the settee whilst DB was having his siesta.

The village is unusually quiet, just now. The children have gone back to school after half term. the trees are beginning to shed their leaves and the mist hangs on the hill till late in the mornings, sometimes it does not clear at all. 

The temperature has fallen quite a bit, there is a definite coolness in the air, I will have to change the duvet shortly to the thicker one.

We still have tractors trundling round, the silage and cereal crops have been gathered in, its ploughing thats going on now ready for next years crops to be sown.

I still need to finish weeding the front garden, and the grass needs cutting again, it will have to dry out a bit first.

Sewing has been packed away for now.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Wet Monday

It was fine first thing, but started to rain as DB walked back after taking the car for its service. So no laundry today, maybe tomorrow.

Monday clean done, it takes me a bit longer, I have to clean down the tiles and there is more floor to mop. Managed to disturb a spider when I went round with the ceiling brush, yuk great horrid thing....

We managed to get the gas point number from the people who installed the gas pipes, so DB phoned to arrange for the meter to be fitted and also set up the gas account and reduce the amount we pay for electricity. Just now we are using just over £8 a week, the storage heaters are off. So, as they are coming out no point paying £63 a month.

We had scotch broth and toast for lunch, there was some left so its in the freezer, there is just enough for one serving, so will do DB sometime if I am out.

Still raining, I was going to do a bit more at the front garden weeds, as its still raining it will have to wait until a fine day.

Just trying to work out where the freezers etc are going to go whilst they fit the bedroom radiator and take out the storage heater. I would like to replace one of the sets of shelves with some I have seen in Ikea, they are taller and slightly wider. I would like 2 but cannot afford to buy two.

My elder daughter tells me that my Grand daughter is expecting a baby boy in March, I need to get the knitting needles out. Traditionally in our family first babies were girls, just my eldest son had two boys. Most of our Ggrandchildren have been boys just the one little girl..........

Sunday, 18 September 2016


No rain, the sun is trying to come out. It was quite cols this morning when I went through to get our Sunday breakfast in bed. It was after 10 before I was fit to face the world.

I went out to the front garden to start weeding. DB to the back to start chopping up the tomato plants and put them in the compost bin.

I was only able to do one side of the garden before my back told me it was time to stop and get some lunch. New bread, cheese and tomatoes.......they are so sweet with a little salt on them....yummy.

Prepped the veg for tonight supper, pork, roast courgette, butternut squash and potatoes, cabbage and carrots. I was going to go an apple and gooseberry crumble, but I noticed that one of the bananas was developing little brown spots so we will have that instead and the apple can go in the freezer.

I have done the second tutorial, will put it up later today. There will be a gap now, I have a lot of UFO's that need sorting.

Decent nights sleep, did not wake for the loo, makes a change, I usually stumble out still half asleep. I was glad we had put the duvet back on the bed after sleeping under just a sheet and a quilt whilst it was so warm.

Decided to stick the towels in the washer, they are out on the line, hope they dry ok, they were late going out. I can always shove them in the dryer for half an hour if they need finishing off.

DB is going for his siesta, I am going to read, might even have a Nana nap. 

Nothing more from DGD who is 20 and thinks she is a lawyer and knows everything. I am just not rising to the bait. Her main aim in life seems to be winding people up so she can slag them off.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Saturday and its wet

I slept in this morning, DB woke me just before 9.30 with my breakfast, I finally  managed into the shower at 10.30. Since then I have been mucking about with various things.

DB is now cleared to drive again, so he went for the TV times. I had just got out the shower when he came back.

Its a nasty wet day and cold.....I am fighting the urge to light the fire.......managed to resist so far.

Made some scones after lunch and also put a loaf on, we are out of bread. DB wants macaroni cheese for supper, will use some of our glut of tomatoes to make a tomato and cucumber salad to go with it.  I need to get myself into gear and make some passatta.

Not a lot to report really very quiet day so far.

Friday, 16 September 2016


It was raining when we got up, by the time we were ready to drive to the hospital it was hissing down, both sets of wipers going 20 to the dozen.

We had a reasonable journey and were early, so I filled the car with diesel before we went on to the hospital.

DB had to go for an ECG, we then say and waited, and waited and waited, an hour and ten minutes after he should have been seen we got in to see the Dr. DB has been cleared to drive again, he has to have an echocardiogram to check his heart is pumping properly, then it will be decided whether to do a biopsy on the growth on his thymus. It depends what the biopsy shows as to how we go from there. Neither of us is keen for him to have surgery to remove it.....we will see.

It was fine as we drove home. I am going to spend the afternoon reading.

Fish and wedges for supper, the last of the fruit in jelly for dessert.

Shattered, fell asleep on the settee whilst DB was doing more of his jigsaw. Still having problems with connecting via the router.

The instructions to layer up and bind the mat has been added to the tutorial. Its a bit hit and miss cannot get the thing to move up under the title. I hope you can understand the instructions.

Thursday, 15 September 2016


Another misty morning which has morphed into a hot afternoon, we are on a yellow warning for thunder storms between 2pm this afternoon and 7pm tomorrow night. As long as its not hissing down when I have to drive DB to the hospital.

We went to the library and got books, then on to Aldi. I am going back to shopping once a month with a top up if its needed. I have spent a lot more on food this month then I usually do.

Picked out cabbage, courgette, sweet corn and leeks, went for a walk round to our friends at the back. R was having a problem with his computer, snap, mine is a pain in the butt just now keeps timing out.

No sewing dome today, I cannot publish the rest of the mat instructions the computer keeps timing out, so I will leave it until the computer is more stable.

DB is now walking without his crutch, but I am making him take it with him, just in case, you never know. He did walk round Aldi using the trolly for support.

The temperature outside is 74f not quite as warm as yesterday. It was hot sleeping.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


It has been a bit of a frustrating morning. Yesterday some dim wit at the council told DB that our gas meter was on order, this morning I phone our suppliers and ask to get an account. What's the gas point number? What number.? We do not have one. Well we cannot supply you with gas, we need the number!!!! DB rang the council and got another dim wit on the phone, he kept telling her that we needed the number, I could not hear the reply but guess she kept telling him the same thing. Eventually, before he put the he phone down he was put through to some one, who has promised to sort it and will ring us back with the number.

It was very misty first thing, real autumn morning, the sun has just broken through, so we look like getting a warm afternoon. I went out to the garden and got a sweet corn we had it with some bread and butter for lunch. Scrummy!!

DB will be going for his siesta shortly, I need to do a bit in the sewing room, I am prepping another project for the quiltin page. I cannot publish it until my lap top is working properly.

I do need to get out into the garden and do some more weeding. Some of the plants need cutting nag down and some will have to be moved.

I am really sad that the GBBO is to go to channel 4. I will not be watching it on there, I just cannot imagine it with commercial breaks, it will not be the same without the present presenters. I know that the two girls have said they will not move, someone said that Ant and Dec might present it, I hate them, just cannot stand either of them. I cannot see Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry going to channel 4 either, the programme just will not be the same.

I have spent the very hot afternoon in th sewing room, quiltin ng and binding the mat and taking photos. You will have to wait for the rest of the page to be published, my lap top is not behaving as it should.

DB went out to the garden but soon came in, it was 81f by the kitchen door, far too hot for comfort.

Liver and sausage for supper, I made  fruit jelly, it will do us for at least two suppers.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Gosh its been very warm today........the heating people came today. measured up, has agreed to put one radiator where I want it,but the sitting room one may have to go under the window, depends on the size. It will be a couple of weeks before we hear from them, but the installation will only take 2 days. We are waiting for the gas meter to be fitted, hopefully either this week or next then I have to sort out our gas supplier.

We had our lunch and set off for the hospital, we were there in good time for the appointment at 1.45 pm, it was 3 pm before we got to see the Dr. depends on the outcome of DB's cardiology appointment on Friday as to what happens next. We just got back to the car within the ticket time phewww......

It has been such a hot day the air con in the car has been working overtime. I did get a load of washing done and dried, just needs putting away.

I did the bit of ironing from yesterday, so thats out of the way too.

No sewing done. I need to think about moving the sewing room round so the workmen can get to the old heater to take it out and the window to hang the radiator. at least the mess will only last a couple of days this time.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Sunny Monday

Another sunny morning, but the stiff breeze is cooling it down, there is a definite feeling of autumn in the air.

Monday clean done, bed changed, linen on the line, towels in the washer now. First Monday clean done for a couple of weeks.

Expecting the heating people tomorrow to do the survey and give us a time frame. I have to admit I am not looking forward to the mess or the noise, will have to spend my time with blinkers on and ear muffs. In the afternoon DB has an appointment at the hospital which is on the edge of the town.

The lamb yesterday was delicious, sweet and tender. I have to take the meat off the bone and slice it up, will make sandwiches and probably another cooked dinner, so in foil in the freezer. I will do the bone with some broth mix and the jelly from the juices for scotch broth. Soup time is coming faster than we think. It was almost dark at 8 pm last night. Have resisted the temptation to light the fire, just put another jumper on.

One lot of laundry is dry, I have folded it, the sheet and duvet cover can go straight in the airing cupboard, the pillow cases will need to be shown to the iron. Towels are out now, it keeps clouding over, hope they dry before it rains.....nothing worse than hauling wet towels in wetter than when they went out!!

Sunday, 11 September 2016


We were late to bed last night having watched the last night of the proms, so it was well after 11 before we crawled into bed.

Awake early, we needed to go to the village hall and put in the exhibits before going into Melton, DB has been wittering for weeks about a new watch, his best one wants a new battery and his old work watch was past redemption, so a cheapo from Argos, a new tippex white out and I needed a couple of heads for the dish washer mop.

We had our lunch and DB retired for his siesta, I flicked through the Argos catalogue for something to do.

Off to the village hall to see how our exhibits went. DB got 2 third prizes for photos, I got a second for the knitted blanket, but my favourite quilt was not placed, oh well I that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes. That's it for another year, no silverware to clean, there was no best in show. The quilt is now back on the bed.

Roast shoulder of English lamb for supper tonight. Roast spuds, green beans cabbage and roast courgette....made an apple and blackberry crumble for dessert.

For those of you who are interested the Christmas tutorial is up. I hope you can all understand the instructions, it was only when I wrote them down I realised how awkward it was, I actually need to undo a bit, my machine was not co operating yesterday for some reason and it chewed up a point, so I need to undo it and re sew it. I will put the borders on this week and photograph it again.

Saturday, 10 September 2016


Raining when we finally got up, and it has rained for most of the day.

I deep cleaned the kitchen and also re hoovered the sitting room carpet, we found more glass from the wine glass I broke last night.

DB went for his siesta, I have spent most of the afternoon working on the tutorial for the Christmas star, I understand it but whether anyone else will is another matter. My machine kept shredding the cotton, skipping stitches and breaking thread, I need to have a sort out and see whats going on. I have done all the things they tell you to do, have changed the needle twice, but it still keeps skipping and then the thread breaks aarrgghhh.....

DB is getting on ok with the compter, he does have a problem remembering how to switch it off but I am sure he will get it eventually.

Time to cook the greasy spoon supper, bacon eggs tomato's and fried bread................

This is the quilt I am putting in the show tomorrow.

                             after the quilting was finished.

Friday, 9 September 2016


A windy but fine morning. A full house clean done except the kitchen floor it will have to wait till tomorrow, too bushed to do it now.

Computer  man came with my computer, it will be a bit of a learning curve, what will be worse is trying to teach DB how to use my old one, his has virtually died.

Step son is on his way to visit, so he will keep DB occupied for a while.

Not a lot to report, lots of tomato's waiting to be picked.

I cooked 2 sweetcorn at lunchtime, delicious, so sweet, just had them with butter and salt on them. Yummy, will pick a couple more tomorrow and take the kernals off and freeze them.

Disaster.....I pulled on of my large crystal wine goblets onto the floor, it shattered. that the second one I have broken.....sniff....I had drunk the wine so I suppose that's something.

I am sorting out a tutorial for the Christmas mat, it may be next week before Inget it up, buI will post when its ready for viewing.

Thursday, 8 September 2016


Shower last night and another this morning....bliss........

DB had an appointment at hospital this morning, right round the other side of the city, we left early and with no traffic problems were early for the appointment. We did not have to wait long and were actually on the way to DD2's before the original appointment time. Car park cost us nothing a kind lady gave us hers that had over 2 hours left on it, I passed it on when we left. He has been discharged scan showed no abnormailities, but it did show the clot in his lung......that was back in April, so the clot has been there for some time. Longer than we thought.

Nice lunch with DD2, ham rolls and an apple for me, same with  yogurt for DB. I called in at Lild on the way home. DB realised he had left his book at DD's so went back to pick it up and drove home by what we call the back way.

Shopping all put away, cup of tea in the hand, once I have drunk it I am off out to cut the back grass. I need to take the tape measure out and draw a plan of how I want the back garden doing. Putting in deep beds so DB can sit if he needs to rather than doing his falling trick.

Its turned into another very warm day, sun is out, but there is a breeze as long as someone I know will leave the back door open!!

Quite a bit of fall out from my withdrawal from the quilting group, they are quite capable of going on their own, they have all had enough projects to be able to tackle more or less anything now, they just need to get on with it. Have to admit its a weight off my mind not having to sort out projects and get all the instructions etc done and then demo.

I have the blocks for the sampler quilt which I used as demo's I need to find something to do with them, I also have the ohio star quilt for our bed to finish.

Its the village show this weekend. I am entering the churn dash quilt and also the feather stitch blanket I made. Might also bake some scones.......I will see.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Its finished

The wash basin end of the wet room

The shower unit.

At last its finished, its been cleaned out and the linen put away in the cupboard till we have to remove it for the central heating to be installed.

We will be trying it out tonight and again in the morning!!


Last night I decided to withdraw from the quilting group. I have been aware for a while of an under current, lead by someone who told me she was a beginner, but it became obvious that she was not and in fact belonged to 2 other quilting groups. Then I was told that one of the deputy leaders had told a friend she could come and join the group. I had already suggested that the lady come to see me first as she too, I was told, had done patchwork before. I was not willing to accept a new member at this stage with the group until I saw for myself how experienced she was.

I have sent messages to all the ladies, my deputy who takes care of the cash has said she will also leave, and would like to stay in touch, It may be that an independant group evolves, we will see.
One of the ladies did email me to say that she entered her sampler quilt in the village show and got 2nd place, which just proves, despite what some people seem to think,  my methods of teaching do work.

We went round to the chapel for coffee this morning, a good group, we seem to be increasing in numbers each month which is good. There is no charge for the coffee but we leave £1 each time.

Waiting for the electrician to call and let me know what time he might arrive. I cannot wait to get the towels etc back in the airing cupboard. I know they will have to come out for the heating to be done, but I might get my sewing room back for a couple of weeks.

After mu blow out yesterday DB seems to have pulled himself together......last evening the atmosphere was very frosty, by this morning things had changed. I am certain he does not realise the strain he puts on me, I am not prepared to subject myself to those streeses any more. If he falls he is just going to have to pick himself up.

Its a rather warm day, I have the front door on the chain and the back door wide open to get a bit of a through breeze. I am hoping to cut part, if not all of the back grass this afternoon.

I promised you pictures of the wet room.......

This is the base for the shower area.

Hole in the wall for the vent axia

Covering put down over the hall carpet

Carpet covering in my sewing roo., new mash hand basin in bits

Posh tiling

Tiling and connections for the outside tap and the wash hand basin

The floor with the leveling scree on, creates a slight slope so the water runs into the drain.

Almost finished, wash hand basin in, the floor covering is down. Just bits and bobs to do now.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016


A more peaceful day in some respects, no one banging hell out of the bathroom, but cannot do any cleaning until Friday after the electrician has been. DB has an appointment at the hospital on Thursday, so I will be fit for nothing.

He is driving me quietly insane.........nagged me to go to the chemiost and get his medication which he does not need until Thursday,  Then he wanted to go to the post office and get the TV choice, it was closed........its tuesday they close at 12 noon and it was well after that when we got there.After lunch he went for his siesta and then decided he was going to pick tomato's which was what he was doing when he fell on Sunday, so muggins had to go with him 'in case he fell again'. Next thing, 'you should pick some more rhubarb, and the corn might be ripe', I was never so near hitting him with his crutch as I was then..............I am so tired I could sit and cry..........

The chap came and put the key safe on for us and has set the number for us. I need to get a key cut for it next time I go into town. I also need to contact the lifeline people so they have  number.

At last the computer chappie has been another £25 to sort out the lap tops. I have ordered a new one, DB can have this one.

Had a blow out at DB earlier, he is driving me nuts, could not decide what he wanted with his pasta for supper............someone give me patience.............

Monday, 5 September 2016

Not A Good Day

It was raining when we first got up. Glad I did the laundry yesterday.

I was hoping the wet room would be finished such luck, the electrician cannot come till Wednesday.........I am gutted. I put up with the mess last week and over the weekend, I just cannot put up with it any longer, ready to pack my case and run away.

We heard from the heating people, they are coming next week to do the survey, no idea when they will come to do the job, one thing I do know is that by the time its finished I will be at the end of my tether with both DB to look after and the mess that the heating installation is going to create.............

The lady from the WRVS came she is going to see if there is someone who can come and sit with DB whilst I go to the quilting group, to be honest I doubt if they will be able to find anyone, so he will have to forgo his siesta and come with us. I am not leaving him on his own, I just cannot trust him. They are arranging a lift for us to LRI next week which will be a great help.

I am so tired I just cannot be bothered to do anything, still have not got my computer sorted, so I have no idea whats is going on Money wise.......


The installer has finiehd we now have to wait 2 days for the electrician to come and wire up the shower and extractor. At least DB can have a wash in the basin rather than in the kitchen sink. Everything has gone back in the cupboard under the sink till they come to do the central heating, it will have to come out again then for the water to be turned off. I am still very hacked off........

DB now has a pair of elbow crutches, he says he feels more stable using the two, so we will see how he goes.

Library bus came this afternoon, four of us on it today. We now have enough books to last us for another couple of weeks. It will then be a trip to Bingham to take the books back there and get more.

Sunday, 4 September 2016


I was very tired after driving in all that rain yesterday, so we have only just surfaced, having had breakfast in bed.

DB is out in the garden for his half hour a day, I may put it up to three quarters tomorrow. I am anxious that he does not overdo things and end up back in hospital.

We have a hospital visit this week to get the results of a scan he had some time ago.

It was sunny but windy when I got up to get the breakfast, it has clouded over, but DB assures me that it is not going to rain. I have a washer full of laundry. We are likely to have no water for most of tomorrow whilst everything is connected up, so wanted to get the washing out of the way.

Could not wait any longer for the computer techie to come so have started to use the Microsoft Edge I hate it but needs must, there was something I needed to print off, I did not have it on my IPad. I am hoping the techie will get to us tomorrow. Its the programme I use to plot our budget that I need and Edge will not let it load from the backup.........I really do not want to have to sort it all again. Also all my documents and pictures are missing and I have no idea how to get to them. Once the techie has sorted it out I am going to have another massive down load to the external drive and back up each week as usual.

Arrgghhhhh DB went out into the garden for 30 minutes and he has fallen again!!! I am more than annoyed with him, he seems dead set on having me in a wooden overcoat before him. He is banned from doing anything in the garden I do not care if everything rots away, I have not got the time to garden and look after him.

So tired this afternoon, even a Nana nap has not worked.DB went for his siesta, he does not seem to have suffered from his fall this morning, but I will wait and see what tomorrow brings. I do not know what he is going to do with himself if he cannot garden.

Chicken for supper tonight with roast spuds, green beans and carrots. One banana left do will possibly bake it and halve it between us.

It has stayed fine, the laundry has dried just a couple of things to press, they can wait till tomorrow too. It did look at one point as if it might rain, but the clouds blew over, the sun is making an effort to shine.

Next Sunday is the village show.........

Saturday, 3 September 2016


A fine morning, not too late getting up as we were going to see my quilting friend. 

Picked some sweet peas, half a cabbage, more shallots and a magazine for her to look at.

When we set out it was drizzling by the time we got onto the main row it was chucking it down and continued until we got to my friends.

A lovely afternoon chatting and eating freshly made scones with jam and cream.

By the time we came to return home it had stopped raining, no sun, still quite dull. A lot of traffic, and the south bound lane of the A46 was at a standstill for miles, no idea what was causing the problem.

Supper beef stew with dumpling and veg, no dessert me thinks.

I am feeling quite tired so tomorrow will be an easy day, just slumming about. Monday we are back to the workmen finishing off the wet room.......cannot wait ti get my first shower..........

Friday, 2 September 2016

It's that time of year again.

The nights are drawing in as Autumn comes, there is a 'feeling' in the air. Soon there will be the smell of wood smoke as people begin to light their fires as the evenings cool. The chestnut trees around the village have empty cases scattered on the ground. The recent winds will have dislodged some, however I bet the small boys in the village will have done their fair share knocking the nuts down with sticks. Gardens are being tidied up and put 'to bed'. Grass mown and the vegetable harvest gathered. The road through the village has been busy with tractors bringing in the hay and silage and the fields ploughed, the wind blows a smell across and we know that muck spreading has started.

The fruit trees  in the communal orchard will be stripped of fruit, much of it delivered to villagers who will preserve it for later use.

It is also time for the village show.........last year I entered a quilt, you may remember, and walked off with the class prize as well as best in show. I doubt I will do as well this year. I have decided to put in another quilt, the churn dash I made 15 years ago, it has been on the bed ever since I made it. I am also going to enter the woollen blanket I knitted last winter. I may also enter the photograph
I took of the Canal du Midi in France some several years ago. I need to get it enlarged and mounted.

I gave cleaned the two cups ready to hand them back, my name will be engraved on them for posterity. I hope the show is as successful this year as it was last year. It will be held in the village hall, it's usual venue. Last year because of a double booking the Baptist Chapel lent the marquee which was erected on the village green.

Thoughts will turn to the coming of winter and of course Christmas. I will be doing an audit of the freezers and food cupboards. I always keep a reasonable store cupboard, living in the country as we do, it is as well to make sure we have supplies against heavy snow, which can fall in the Vale, the roads may be difficult and unless an emergency arises we will sit tight until the weather improves. It is not necessarily the snow that is the problem but the ice that forms on the roads, our 'rolling English roads' are very dangerous especially on the bends and there are seven of them between us and the next village; some of which are quite tight even in good weather.

Once the wet room and heating have been sorted I need to think about projects for the quilting group. I have the Christmas stuff sorted, ideas for 2017 need to be put into practice, so the sewing machine will be humming away. The group will be settling in for its third year. I need to think about the display for the 'meet the groups' day in January.

The years seem to pass quicker the older you get, there are times when I want to shout Stop!! I want to get off"................

Installing the wet room day 3

We were late getting up, overslept, but the workman was later himself. A van came and two chaps lifted all the rubbish from the old bathroom off the front grass.

The wet room floor is now in and the tiles are being grouted, so the end is in sight, the shower itself  has to be fitted and the rail put up etc.

We did not appear to have had any overnight rain, but half was through the morning it rained steadily for quite a while.

We have had a lazy few days, not much we can do whilst the work is going on. I am still trying to get hold of the computer chappie, both lap tops are us just now.

I rang my quilting friend and made arrangements to go over tomorrow, we have more shallots for her and will take some tomato's, they are all ripening rapidly just now.

Whilst DB was having his siesta the chair for the shower arrived, I have to arrange for the bed guard to go back, it is not being used, I have to arrange for a pick up.

I am feeling very tired just now, think it's because I am having to sit about so news yet about the heating, need to give them a ring and remind them the gas is in.

Smoked haddock, poached egg and bread for supper, banana for dessert.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Installing the wet room day 2

 I had hoped to put up some photos, but unless I can get my IPad to cooperate they will have to sit till I have the lap top sorted once again.

A fine sunny morning for the first of the Autumn months, are we going to have an Indian summer I wonder.

Waiting for the workman to arrive, he is going to be tiling today, I hope the wash hand basin will be going in too. Last night and this morning the abutions were done at the kitchen sink.

DB has ventured out to the garden he is allowed 30 minutes, once again last night he fell asleep just before supper, had to wake him.

No idea what I am going to be doing today, no point cleaning, the dust is going everywhere.

Two of the walls are now tiled and the start of the boxing in of the pipes, the floor is being prepped for the special floor covering to go down.

I have tried to put photos on but failed miserably, once I have got my lap top sorted I will post them over a couple of posts.

It has been another nice day, but pleasantly cooler. I have the towels on the line. Need to fetch them in and fold them.