Saturday, 13 August 2016

Windy Saturday

Well if nothing else I got two lines of laundry dried this morning.

DB stayed in bed until around 10.30. I got him up and washed him, he has just had his lunch, poached egg on toast and rice pudding, dizzy started so got him into bed.

Step son is coming this afternoon so I can go shopping, decided to go to Melton, DB likes the yogurt from Morrison, I will then go to Lidl and get the rest of what I need. I want to be ready to go as soon as he comes, he has an appointment at 4.30 and its a good 3/4 of an hours journey.

Since I had my gall bladder out some 25 years ago I occasionally get bits of what the Dr calls grit, its blooming painful, true to form I woke at 3am in quite a bit of pain, it eventually wore off, but it took me a while to get back to sleep again.

Done nothing this morning except hang out the laundry and then bring it in and fold it ready to go away. The sky is greyish but we have quite a strong wind again, the laundry dried in double quick time.

I did water the garden last night, got soaked through to my knickers, the blooming hose leaked. I need to have a look at it. I also cut the stems on the sweet peas, I am getting sick of cutting them now and the smell is beginning to bother me too.

Step son arrived on time. DB was still asleep so I left him to it and went shopping. Arrived home in time to see a van outside the bungalow, the Red Cross delivering the bed handle for DB, its been fitted. Our friends from round the corner had also called to see DB, so step son was busy making tea etc.

Every one left, just me and DB, gave him his injection, he was a bit light headed so put his relaxa chair flat for a while.

All the shopping put away,  time for a tincture, well a glass of coke for me and lemonade for DB.

Today has been slightly better, I must admit it was nice to get out, even if it was only for a short time.

The proms tonight is Gershwin night, will be watching that, need to get my posh frock on and union jack ready to wave.

Pork and bean casserole for supper with Home Grown, spuds, green beans and carrots. DB can have yogurt for dessert.

The white sweet peas going up the arch.


  1. I'm so glad that today was a better day and that you were able to accomplish laundry as well as a stock-up without having to worry about DB being home alone. Perhaps, too, you and DB are getting into a routine of what to do if ... so it's less stressful. Probably no less annoying, of course, since its cause remains a mystery.

    It's good, too, that DB's son is willing and able to lend a hand.

    Is DB able to walk steadily on his own or does his left side remain weak? If he's weak, perhaps he needs home PT to help him regain strength? When AMIL came home from rehab following her first stroke, home PT was available to her.

    Be sure to take good care of you and I hope that pain from grit won't happen again for many decades. :)

    Big hugs!

  2. Those dizzy spells with DB must be a big worry and seem to occur daily now.

    You are doing a marvelous job of taking care of DB and I was glad to
    read stepson came to give you a bit of a break. You need to be able to get out to keep your self strong. Perhaps you can get the chapel sitter to come round to help you out.

    It is good that you have friends around the corner.

    Best wishes that things will improve.

  3. Glad you got some 'me' time.

  4. I really know how you feel as something of the sort is also happening to me, hang in there girl. Get out when you can and take things easy, no need to rush. I do hope that your hubby improves and that both your lives get easier. Take care, much love, Andie xxxxx


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