Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Bright but windy morning, have a load of laundry on the line and towels in the washer.

Rang the hospital, just the usual platitudes, will not get anything else until I go in this afternoon, I did ask that they let him know I rang.

One of his partners from the bowls club rang to see how he was, gave her the up to date info.

Terrible night last night, just could not get off, I was drinking tea at 3am. I will be crackered tonight. want to get my supper ready for cooking as soon as I come back, then I can relax. Looks like an early night for me tonight, not much on that interests me after 9pm, so will have a slooch and an early night.


At the hospital this afternoon DB had a black out whilst I was there, lasted about 5 minutes. I saw the Dr, he is concerned that DB's left side is considerably weaker than his right, although he can now bend his leg. Phew it was hot in there, I swabbed him down with cold water, I could have done with doing myself too. The CT scan was clear, he has to have a scan of his lungs tomorrow and we are waiting for the report on the EEC. That could take a day or two depends on how busy the consultant is.

I managed to beat most of the traffic home. Its been a sunny but very windy day, I got two lots of washing dry, pj's from yesterday and some bits from the laundry basket. I also did the towels from the bathroom as well, a really good drying day.

I am very tired so am not going into the hospital tomorrow, my step son will go in on his way home from work and let me know how DB is when he gets home.

I had sausage mash, green beans and courgette for my supper, blancmange for dessert, I needed to use up some milk before it went sour.

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