Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Wednesday The riddle of the lost net???

Yesterday I got fed up with the cats using our front garden for their toilet, I went and fetched some netting to put over the plants to try and stop them. I forgot to take the brush, put down the net and the pegs, when I came back the net had disappeared, no sign of it anywhere........where did the net go?????

This morning I went in to see DB, my step son told me last night that DB with a dizzy sometime yesterday, tried to get on to his bed, missed and passed out trapped between the chair and the wall. No one could see him, he was at the far side of the bed and there were only 4 beds in the bay. It was only when a nurse came in to another patient they found him. Heaven knows how long he has been there.

The Drs wanted to send him home, he told them no way, I am not fit enough to look after him in his present state. In fact if they try to I will refuse to have him home. After 8 years I need a break. I really need him to go to rehab, give me a bit of breathing space.

DB started with another dizzy whilst I was there, I got him onto the bed, decided there was no point in staying, so went and told the nurses at the station and came home, so an hour and a half journey there and back £1,50 to park for 35 minutes and I was back at home.
I am going back tomorrow with DD" but not till the afternoon.

The washer is on, PJ's to wash and a shirt, will take them back tomorrow. He needs enough stuff to last till Saturday.

I phoned the council this morning about the shower and the heating, I am still waiting for them to ring me back........whats new???

Need to pick beans will have some with my supper, I have a couple of frozen yorkshire puds going to have them with some sausage and veg. Any spare will go to DD2.

Its another nice day, the weather is due to break up on Friday so will have to get what washing I can done and dried before Friday.

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