Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Two weeks today since DB went in to hospital, I will see what they say about him coming out tomorrow......

Yesterday was warm even with a stiff breeze blowing. I managed to scalp the grass, hopefully it will not grow too quickly and need doing again. Its another bright morning despite the forecast, seems a gentle breeze blowing.

Did not get any sewing done yesterday, nor did I take the car round to the garage, will call on my way out today and ask them to look at it tomorrow. If DB does come out he will get brought home.

Plan for today apart from going in to see DB, sit and rest. I am going to need all my energy when and if DB comes home. I can see my nursing skills being called into action again, its years since I gave anyone a bed bath!!

When I spoke to the chap at the council yesterday I told him we really did not want a wet room, removing the bath and replacing it with a shower unit would be enough. I want to keep the seperate toilet. May be that will bring that forward too, fingers crossed. Our need is urgent if I am to care for DB at home.


Well DB is on his way home, he has been discharged, they rang just after 3pm to say he was being taken to the discharge lounge to wait to be collected. I hope he does not have to wait too long, its now 5pm hopefully he will not be too much longer.

I had the support worker here this afternoon checking on our various medical conditions, she has to update DB's. The district nurses are coming from tomorrow to give  him his injection, which I think, will continue for quite a while.

So now I need to get the white apron and cap out.......


  1. What a mixed blessing it will be to have DB home again. I know he's looking forward to your good meals, his garden chair, his puzzles, and his bed. It will be good that you'll no longer need the car daily in order to visit him.

    Will DB need a zimmer frame (we call them "walkers") for stability or a wheel chair? I'm glad the support worker was there today and that the district nurse will be there tomorrow. Will DB's new medical problems get your shower installation moved up the schedule due to necessity? Hope so.

    Do remember to bake or buy yourself a treat for your birthday tomorrow.

    Wish I could help but the distance across the pond makes that extremely difficult.

    Big hugs!

  2. Please take up any offers of help that are made, I wish I was nearer to help you out. Best wishes, Amanda xx

  3. Best of luck. Hope there is plenty help. My husband is my main carer. Finding out whats available is a nightmare. x

  4. Hopefully things can only get better for you from now on! Is DBs condition going to be long term, or maybe improve as the weeks go on, I'm sure you will find the strength to adapt,but hopefully it will be short term. Hugs and chin up cx

  5. Drinking my first cup of tea of the day here across the pond and straight to your blog. Another reader who hopes for the very best for you and DB and prayers for healing and strength for both of you.

    Agree with the reader who commented take up any and all offers of help and make life as easy as possible for you and DB by all shortcuts available. Take care of yourself and rest when you can.


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