Tuesday, 23 August 2016


I woke at 7am, wondered if there was a poltogist in the house, footsteps doors creaking.....door was the bathroom the wind was making it swing, I looked out of the curtains and a chap unloading a lorry onto the front lawn. Things for the gas board to start in the morning.......so it looks like a busy few weeks.

I have to empty the airing cupboard, so when I get back from the hospital I am clearing the tables in the sewing room and putting the things from the airing cupboard onto the tables.

Step son said DB was a bit depressed, I am not surprised, he is in a two bedded ward on his own, they forget he is there, twice they have forgotten to order his meals........I have my war paint on, I want some answers......

I am trying to get a photograph to load its not playing ball just now.

My little machine is all packed up and ready to go when the cash hits my account...... still waiting.

                            As you can see the gas man cometh.

Went in to see DB, he had a slight dizzy before I got there, but managed to shave his beard with me supporting him in the bathroom. Took him clean jammies etc. I will go again on Thursday.

May be I should explain about the meals. There is a server for each ward, they go round and take the orders from each patients meals, the orders are then sent by email to the kitchen which is off site. The meals come back ready to be re-heated in microwaves before being served to the patients. DB ordered salmon and salad last night, he said the salmon had no taste and the hollandaise sauce was just a big lump on the side of the plate, He was glad I took him stuff in on Sunday. Some of the meals are ok but most of them are pretty awful. Something else I will be complaining about when he gets out.

He has accepted that he has to wait for a bed to become free at Melton. Apparently the only free beds are at St Lukes just now.

Our neighbour across the road is home, collected yesterday, he had a urine infection which was causing the problem, he is quite week but glad to be home.

It occurred to me that I should take a picture of our bathroom as it is so here goes......

To the right is the airing cupboard, then the mini bath which DB cannot sit in his legs are too long and the wash hand basin, the bath will disappear and a walk in shower will replace it, the floor will be covered with a non slip waterproof covering. The area round the shower to the wash basin will be tiled and there will be a weighted curtain round the shower. When the heating goes in it will go in the airing cupboard. I have to empty everything out ready for them to start next week. Will not be doing any sewing will not be able to get into the sewing room for the stuff from the airing cupboard!! I was actually standing in the doorway when I took the photo.

I have emptied the airing cupboard, its all in the sewing room. I guess the mess is going to get worse before it gets better!! There may also a a complication, more of that later. The parcel is the  machine I sold yesterday, I have to get it picked up for delivery.

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