Tuesday, 16 August 2016


No visiting today, step son is going tonight, so I have had the day at home.

Managed to get a few things done, towels washed and on the line, bathroom and bedroom cleaned, I disturbed an enormous spider but the damn thing scuttled away before I could do anything about it. Cleaned down the windows and front door frames, swept up the mess the cats made in the garden. Ironed the bedding from Sunday.

After lunch I sat reading for a while, then prepped my supper, fritatta with veg.

Picked more beans and courgette, passed them over the hedge to my neighbours, they are vegetarians, so appreciate our excess.

I rang to enquire about DB, he is waiting for a bed at our local hospital it will be much easier for me to visit there and less expensive, for a start we do not have to pay for parking. Less to spend on fuel either. I will go in to see him tomorrow morning, then DD2 is going with me on Thursday, I will pick her up after lunch and then have supper with her when we get back.

Had a long chat with Cotton Reel last night, a bit different putting the world to rights over the phone rather than in person!!

Its been another warm day, glad I was in the cool, it looks like we might get rain at the weekend, I know we need it badly.


  1. We'll all keep our fingers crossed that a bed at your local hospital quickly becomes available for DB's rehab. It will be good to have him closer to home and where there is free parking.

    It sounds like you've had a lovely day of some work and good relaxation. Your dinner menu sounds yummy, too. Perfect!

    Hope all is well with Cotton Reel. There is nothing better than a phone visit with a dear friend when it's not possible to visit in person.


  2. Had to retire ten years ago as a result of a stroke, however when I worked in rehab the average stay was about six weeks. It has probably changed since I worked but due to your hubby's age and the fact that you although he has you without you he would be lost, they might keep him a while. He should have physio and occupational therapy whilst in the rehab unit, and they will help and maybe the OT will arrange a home visit prior to discharge to ensure that you have all the aids and adaptations you require. Although he will be nearer resist going every day, we used to say it was a respite for the families as well, and actively discouraged them from visiting too often. One lady, whose husband came in regularly, used to jet off abroad for a week, so think on. Take care, we are all with you. Love Andie xxx

  3. Sounds like a good day. Nice that you pass on your garden excess to your neighbour.

    Transfer to your local hospital sounds like a good plan. Good to see you are cooking for yourself.


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