Tuesday, 16 August 2016


No visiting today, step son is going tonight, so I have had the day at home.

Managed to get a few things done, towels washed and on the line, bathroom and bedroom cleaned, I disturbed an enormous spider but the damn thing scuttled away before I could do anything about it. Cleaned down the windows and front door frames, swept up the mess the cats made in the garden. Ironed the bedding from Sunday.

After lunch I sat reading for a while, then prepped my supper, fritatta with veg.

Picked more beans and courgette, passed them over the hedge to my neighbours, they are vegetarians, so appreciate our excess.

I rang to enquire about DB, he is waiting for a bed at our local hospital it will be much easier for me to visit there and less expensive, for a start we do not have to pay for parking. Less to spend on fuel either. I will go in to see him tomorrow morning, then DD2 is going with me on Thursday, I will pick her up after lunch and then have supper with her when we get back.

Had a long chat with Cotton Reel last night, a bit different putting the world to rights over the phone rather than in person!!

Its been another warm day, glad I was in the cool, it looks like we might get rain at the weekend, I know we need it badly.

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