Tuesday, 2 August 2016


We had rain last night, it has just wet the ground and no more. Its dull this morning and spitting with rain now. I have been out and collected beans and a courgette which is almost the size of a marrow.

I am off shortly to the hospital with clean jimjams etc,  I need to get a couple of things in Melton so will call in on the way.Will not be going at all tomorrow, I really need a break. DB will phone me after the Drs. have been in the morning and to put in his order for anything else he may need.

I will go to the coffee morning at the chapel, then the village will get an update without me having to do anything!!


I am back from the hospital, when I got there they were about to take DB for an EEG, he had already been for a CT scan. At sometime after 6am he appears to have had another stroke, his left hand was affected for a while, but his left leg was still unable to lift off the  bed.

He complained about headache last night but nothing was done about it apart from giving him paracetamol until this morning. He was quite upset when I got there but sat eating the lunch they had saved for him when I left. I am going in tomorrow afternoon later to see the Drs and see what the scans etc show.

Bang goes our holiday to France. I just cannot risk taking him out of the country. Would not be happy taking him anywhere here either for that matter. We will have to wait and see.

This I am not looking forward to...........


  1. Will say a prayer for both you and Edwin. Ana USA

  2. That is worrying news for you. Thinking of you both.

  3. So sorry to read your update Ann - I hope Edwin is a little better tomorrow and has a speedy recovery - you take care of you too xxx

  4. Goodness Goodness!!! With all the test I pray something shows up so they can fix it. Rest up cause it sounds like another long haul. Bless you and DB.

  5. Oh, Anne, I am so very sorry for this unwelcome turn of events, the probable new stroke, and all this might mean for the future. Please hug DB for me, too, as this must be awfully frightening and upsetting got him.

    It is good you're staying in the neighborhood tomorrow as you do need a break.

    Big hugs!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear this, Anne. Edwin must be quite upset and frightened. Take care of yourself as you will need your strength. My prayers are with both of you....Barb

  7. My sympathy for you regarding Edwin's news, it must be hard playing a waiting game to find out the outcome,which I hope is not as bad as you may expect, take care and hugs x

  8. Am thinking of you both, please take some time to rest today.

  9. Good wishes and prayers winging their way to you both.


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