Thursday, 25 August 2016


Raining first thing then it cleared up.

DB up around 10 am. The occupational health lady came closely followed by the nurse. DB is to get physio for his leg and we are getting a surround for the toilet and also a chair for the shower.....

I had a parcel to get away, sorted it out to go by Parcel Force 24 hours, so it would get to its destination tomorrow.

Took it to our local post office, they could not accept it, they are only a sub office It needed to go to the main post office in town!!

I gave DB his lunch and saw him into bed with strict instructions not to get out until I got back. I was lucky managed to park outside the PO and the chap carried the parcel in for me, so thats it away. I then hurtled round Lidl to get fresh fruit and salad stuff we do not have in the garden and raced home. DB had been awake about 10 minutes. Phew......

Shopping all put away and a very welcome cup of started to rain whilst I was on my way home, it seems to have stopped again. It is very close out, not nice. I have the back and front doors open to get some air through.

We still have the holes in the garden and road. I hope they come tomorrow to fill them in, otherwise it will be Tuesday before they get done, Monday is a bank holiday here.

DB wants me to take him to the library in Bingham.......that will be interesting, just see how far he can really walk with a stick.....

Obviously I was unable to go to the quilting group this afternoon. Lynne will keep every one on the straight and narrow, they were making scissor cases. Madam college lecturer was taking the class.

No plans for the weekend, just to take life easy before the storm....I am not doing the Friday clean no point its all going to be messed up again next week.

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