Thursday, 4 August 2016


I am at home today, my step son is going in to see his Dad tonight, so I am having a well deserved day off. although I have been busy.

I went to bed just after 9 pm last night, only lasted a few minutes before I was in slumberland, woke at 6 am but lay in until after 8.

Did the ironing from Monday first thing then after a cup of coffee down to the post office. Back I did an hours weeding in the herbaceous bed, my goodness the ground is cracking for want of rain and some of the weeds were huge. I came in for my lunch.

Decided to go back out after lunch, lasted 25 minutes before it started to rain, shut up shop and came in......rain did not last long the sun is out again and steam rising from the paths.

I phoned the hospital this morning DB was just having his breakfast. Had not heard anything by lunch time so rang again. He had just come back from having his chest scan and was eating his lunch, he has not had a dizzy today. No idea whats going on......but he is not coming home till he is sorted. my nerves will not stand it.

Got a bit of a mixed bag for my supper, bacon and courgette fritatta with new potato's and  green beans. I am picking about a lb of beans a day just now. Think DD2 will be getting some tomorrow for Sunday.

Have had to send all my details again for the car insurance they have lost everything...brilliant......was not sure if I still had the correspondence luckily found it in the car file, DB must have filed it away.

Right am going to sign off for now and have a nana nap, I think I deserve one, may be back later.

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