Sunday, 28 August 2016


Another late morning waking up, breakfast in bed, OH had melon, yogurt and croissant with jam. I just had the melon and croissant.

A bit of dittering about, we had not been up long when the bell went, I knew it would be our friends from round the corner, so an hour eating chocolate biscuits and drinking coffee them, and just tea for us, not long since we had out breakfast.

I gave them some more veg to take home. I think the climbing beans are nearing the end, not so many to pick today, but a lot of the french beans which I either leave whole of cut in half and steam.

After our friends left we went into the garden, OH was weed spotting, I was doing the mucky end digging out the weeds. Yesterdays rain has softened the ground a bit so not too hard to get the weeds out.

After DB had his siesta yesterday I laid on the bed myself, managed an hour or so sleep before thunder and rain lashing at the front windows woke me, it was very dark had to put the lights on for half an hour or more.

We were forecast more rain today, apart from a few spots when we were in the garden its is fine, sun breaks through then it clouds over and looks as if we are in for a downpour. Its been like that all morning.

Veg prepped for supper. We are having roast pork, roast spuds and courgette, with green beans, carrot and a couple of small bits of cauli. DB's appetite is beginning to come back, he cleared his plate last night and had a banana and cream for dessert.

Tomorrow I will strip the bed and put clean sheets etc on, I also have a small coloured load I want to do. Will then do the toilet and our bedroom, no point doing the bathroom when they are coming to haul the bath out on Wednesday. Will leave the sitting room and kitchen till Tuesday morning ready for our royal visit!! Might get the ironing done tomorrow whilst DB is having his siesta.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am going to relax in DB's relaxer chair till he gets up. I could do with one for myself, but they are too expensive and also I do not have room for one.


  1. What a lot got done at your sweet bungalow and garden today! Hope it was all done at a relaxing pace. I also hope it's not long until DB can do the weeding himself as well as the other gardening work he so enjoys.

    Along with the good food you're feeding DB, his being back in view of his garden is bound to feed his spirit.

    Have you been knitting or hand stitching anything since your sewing room is filled with the homeless linens?

    I decided last night to machine quilt the sashing and first border of the wee Bear Paw wall quilt using green thread and to hand quilt around each paw using cream thread.

    Do please send rain this way as we need it badly. Ta!


  2. A nice relaxing day from the sound of things. Nice to have friends living close by and their visit brightened your day.

    Hope you were able to get 40 winks in the relax chair? Sounds like
    full steam ahead on the bathroom remodel. Expect you have thanked your lucky stars more than once that you are nicely settled in your bungalow and no stairs to worry about.

  3. It seems to be looking up a little, nice to see DB getting around and regaining his appetite,and you are back to routine, sometimes it's the routines that keep us sane and it's very relaxing to read yours,especially when things are going well for you:) take care X


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