Sunday, 7 August 2016


DB rang just as I was thinking of going to bed. He had another episode after I left.

Rang this morning, he was in pain during the  night they gave him morphine and he slept until about 9am.

I fell asleep reading, woke about 3am, went to the loo and settled down again, finally woke just after 8 am. Did my breakfast and took it back to bed, got up at the back of 9 am. Have sorted out stuff to take for DB and also some stuff for DD2 to take to the charity shop for me, so PJ's which are too small for DB and a blouse of mine which is too tight.

Easy morning. Have cut into chunks and frozen the courgette which thought it was a marrow, will use it up in soup. DB has a penchant for asparagus soup, I will have to see if I can get any. I am not keen so if I can find individual packets that will go down well when he comes home.

Its bright but cooler, quite a strong breeze. Have sorted out laundry to do in the morning, will add what ever I have to bring back from the hospital. DB is in trouble, he left a paper tissue in his shirt pocket, I only found it when I went to hang out the laundry, all over everything in the washer.....aarrgghhhh, my fault for not checking.

Taken belly pork out of the freezer, not sure whether to roast it or make belly pork casserole, I have some black eye beans that need using up, could put those in.

I have done no sewing for ages, might get at the machine tomorrow. I am not going in to see DB step son is going after work. I will be on parade on Tuesday and Wednesday though.

I am going to take the car round to the garage in the morning get them to check the clutch, I could smell burning yesterday. Have decided to stop using Pasture Lane, but take the second road from Long Clawson, I have had a couple of narrow squeaks  on there this week. Getting caught behind the cows yesterday finished me off. Its a single track lane with passing places, some people use it as a race track.......

Right off, will do an update when I get back from DD2's tonight. The weather id use to cool down tomorrow, thank heavens, its so hot in the hospital even with the windows open. DB is in the ward at the top of the building, heat rises.....


DB was out of it, he has had two injections of morphine for the pain, I did manage some conversation with him, but not a lot. He was very sleepy. He did say he was not getting any more tonight unless he was really forced to. I sat and talked to him for 3/4 of and hour, not sure how much he heard. The Consultant is due to see him again tomorrow. I saw the registrar, both the head and chest scans were clear......

Lovely supper at DD2's. Leg of lamb, roasties green beans and buttered baby leeks, followed by strawberries and cream.

Have just landed home, going to make a cup of tea and slob for the rest of the evening.

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