Saturday, 20 August 2016


I waited for C to come but she was late so left a note on the front door. Off to the hospital again. Whilst I was away she weeded the front borders.

DB was sitting out and we had a chat before his lunch arrived, asparagus soup and egg mayo sandwiches. He was a lot brighter today, was obviously having a bad day on Thursday. Has asked for his puzzle book to be taken in, he is getting fed up with reading.

He then developed a dizzy, so got him onto the bed and decided to come home, I will go in again tomorrow afternoon on my way back from my quilting friends. I am going to DD2's for supper.

Laundry in the washer and dry, folded ready to go back. The wind sure is blowing a hoolie. I had to move the sweet peas they kept blowing over.

C came back just after 4pm she dug out everything that needed to be dug out, then we started to dig out the weeds. The rain we had yesterday has done very little to soften the soil. We worked side by side through the veg garden and then the herbaceous border.

I picked beans and french beans, pulled rhubarb, beetroot, carrots and leeks. Have bags ready in the hall to take tomorrow, there is far too much for me to eat on my own.

Just had lamb salad and a banana for my supper. Do not think I will have a job sleeping, I need to take pain killers for my back or I will have a job moving in the morning.

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