Saturday, 6 August 2016


Bright morning with a decent breeze, laundry is on the line.

DB phoned. he did sleep last night, I suspect because he was exhausted, he did not get his bed moved despite me asking so I will be throwing the toys out the pram when I go in. Will be off in a few minutes. I need to cut the grass, so after I have had lunch it will be a full scale grass cut.

DB phoned, they got breakfast late and no tea again, it seems the domestics are off on a weekend.......why do they not arrange cover, or ask for volunteers to come in and serve drinks???? I have the bag packed with things DB asked for. I do it as soon as I get in then I do not forget anything.

Need to go to the garage and put fuel in the car, the little man with the petrol pump in his hand came on last night, so will have to go via Melton. Cheapest fuel is at Tesco. I have dome over 600 miles this week travelling backwards and forwards.


Not a good day, got caught behind cows going up the hill on pasture lane, was afraid I might burn the clutch out. When I got to the hospital DB had just been found collapsed in the toilet, no one knew how long he had been there, the Dr was with him so I had to fill him in with what had been happening. Complaints of pain in his head and right side. They gave him paracetamol, he managed to choke on one of them, it was a quick haul him forward and thump on the back, thankfully it shot out. I ended up staying for 3 hours instead of one. He was brighter when I left, waiting to go down for yet another brain scan.

Back home I mowed the front lawns, dropped the mower to its lowest setting and scalped it. Hope it recovers before DB gets home.It was hot work. I had to have a sit down. I will water the garden when its a bit cooler, the breeze is the only thing stopping it from being just too hot.

R called to see how DB was, J has problems with her leg, she cannot stand.

I thawed and reheated some stew and had it for my supper. DD2 rang to remind me about supper tomorrow. I am going in to the hospital after lunch, and then on to her for my supper.

I did phone to see how DB was, he had his scan, nothing seen. I think the pain is coming from his neck. They said he was stable which I know means nothing!! He may ring me later.

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