Saturday, 27 August 2016

Saturday and I am crackered

Late waking this morning, so later getting breakfast. DB got himself up, he is not using his stick in the house and seems to be walking with more confidence.

I shoved the Dyson round this morning, cleared out some rubbish, DB did some of his jigsaw, but said it was making him dizzy keep looking up and down.

After lunch he went for his siesta, I used his relaxa chair, would have drifted off had it not been for a gang of children shouting on the front, by the time I got up and closed the window they had gone and I was wide awake again.

Toad in the hole for supper, we had some of the fruit in jelly after lunch, so will have a banana and ice cream for dessert tonight. Home grown veg with it.

It was fine this morning, but its turned quite cool, first time I have had a cardigan on for several weeks, its a bit bbrrrrrrrrrr.

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  1. It sounds like you and DB are getting back to some sort of normal schedule and am glad to hear that he was able and confident in getting himself up. I'm sorry about your disturbed rest and hope the evening will be relaxing and you'll sleep well tonight.

    Do you suppose one of those small tables with a tilted top would make it easier for DB to do his puzzles without becoming dizzy?

    Please send some of that cool weather to us! We're still in a dry, hot period and the high today will be almost 100*F. Ta!



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