Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Royal Visit

It's been another scorcher. I did a quick wiz round with the dyson and blew the dust off, cleaned the kitchen floor.

We had an earlier lunch and DB went for his siesta, just before he was due to get up the chaps arrived to put down the concrete, no point staying in bed with the racket going on.

SIL arrived late as usual, tea/coffee and cake, chatted for a while and then they were given a tour of the estate. Everything inspected garden and bungalow before they departed for the rest of their journey to Cambridge. Comments about the two silver cups on the dresser, she thought they were DB's he had great pleasure in telling her they were mine. I had put the quilt on the bed for her to see.

DB seems ok, he has not had a dizzy for 3 days, fingers crossed, although he has admitted to being tired now. He is not as well as he thinks he is......

It's very warm this afternoon, could do with the fan on in the sitting room.


  1. It must feel good having the 'Royal Vist' over with....lol!
    Glad to hear OH hasn't had dizzies for a few days now. Take care....

  2. Being unable to move and in a hospital as well, would make anyone tired. :-) I do believe that your good food, the home and garden he can walk around in, and your excellent care will get him better as soon as possible. So nice that the bathroom will be fixed up and central heating installed. I love your little estate. Ana USA

  3. How lovely that deal is over and done with for a good long while! Now the bungalow is tidy as you like it, the concrete has been laid in the garden, and it's onward to the tub/shower reno. Nice!

    It's good that DB is improving daily but it will take time as all those weeks in hospital, with poor sleep, and poor food took their toll. You, home, good food, the garden, and naps are the best tonics of all.

    Enjoy your evening!


  4. I agree with Ana. Also the heat is debilitating. Tis for me too. Hes doing well.

  5. Pleased that you are having your adaptations done. In Bradford the council will not countenance major adaptations. If someone needs a walk in shower or stair lifts or through floor lifts, they have to move to another house that has already been adapted. I can see the need in this but it is taking the patient away from their home and support system that they may have known for years. I suppose it is a matter or money but knowing the home is most important, it is harder as we age. I am delighted that you are both on the level and bathing etc., should be a lot safer. Love Andie xxx


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