Thursday, 11 August 2016

Oh What A Day

Not a bad night, DB went to bed just after 8pm and slept till I went to bed. Had a drink and a biscuit, played a couple of games on the I pad and then settled down.

Woke once in the night when I went to the loo.

He got up after breakfast but was soon back in bed again. I decided I had enough so phoned and asked our GP to come out and see him, which he did. I have to say he is a fabulous Doctor he sat and talked over with me what had happened to DB and more to the point how I was.....he is arranging for an Xray of my hips, and has also contacted Social Services about some one to sit with DB so I  can go shopping etc. He has also written to the Professor DB is under for his heart.

I opened up the lap top this morning to find it had done an update and a load of my stuff was missing crucially the buttons from the task bar.....aarrggggg I have spent ages trying to sort things out.

DB is sleeping, he complained of headache, so had tablets....just cooking some salmon for his tea with a small side salad. No lemon so had to use just a spot of white vinegar in the stock.

Going to put my feet up and read for an hour or so until DB is ready for a drink.

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  1. How marvelous that you called DB's doctor to come to see him and that the doctor was prompt in arriving. Good, too, that he's concerned about your wellbeing after all this. Hope the doctor can also rattle the cage of the person who is delaying your shower installation!

    Sorry DB is still under the weather from his normal energy, but I suppose that's to be expected after all that happened while he was in hospital. No doubt that time in the lovely garden and in the sunshine will help.

    Be good to you and consider taking nana naps as this extra exertion may be akin to having a new baby at home. New mommies are encouraged to nap when baby naps and that's not a bad idea. Don't tell DB I used that analogy, though. :0

    It's hot here and I'm just in from running errands so I may jump in the shower to cool off before I have some lunch.



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