Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My Birthday...Don''t Make Me Laugh

The hospital rang me at 3.15 pm to say that DB was being taken down to the discharge lounge. At 6.20 pm DB rang me to say he was still there and would have to wait up to another 2 hours before he got brought home!! I jumped in the car and went to fetch him.

Omce home, a cup of tea and bed. Apart from waking once for the toilet he slept through to just after 8 am, so a reasonable night. Had breakfast in bed then got up, washed and dressed. A short walk up the garden with his stick. 

We had a visit from the district nurses, they took notes of all that had been going on. 

Soup with bread and yogurt for his lunch and then he went for a rest. Got up and promptly had a dizzy......I told the hospital I did not want him home till they got to the bottom of why they had started again, do they take any notice NO!! I just cannot cope any more....I have had 8 years of this and I am fed up. Just a brief period whilst he was dizzy and palp free and now we are back at square one.

The nurses came to give DB his injection, they are coming earlier tomorrow so the weekend staff can give him his injection at 1 pm. Well I have news for them, after the weekend I am going to take over and give them to him at 6pm which is the time the Dr specified.

DB appears to have fought off the dizzy, only took him an hour and a half.......of course I can waste an hour and a half whilst he gets over it. We will soon be engulfed in hospital visits again......just like we were years ago.

Holiday to France chance of a holiday anywhere whilst he is like this.

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