Monday, 22 August 2016


Had a mad dash to he Drs surgery this morning. I had forgotten to renew my script. I have to go down later and collect it from the chemist.

DB phoned he will know this afternoon if he is getting moved, said he was walking better.

Laundry done, dried and folded. Monday clean done, moved the bed to clean the back of the brass headboard and the skirting. Moved it back. It moves quite easily on the carpet.

Read the meters and sent the readings off. Had my lunch, now sitting with my feet up waiting to hear from the hospital. The chaps are coming to look at the bathroom later and hopefully the gas people will be putting the gas supply in later this week. I would love to get the work done whilst OH is out of the mess.

SIL is making noises to come and see OH in a  couple of weeks, I just hope he is still in hospital.

Nothing much else to report, my lap top is poorly, so having to use the  I pad.

Maybe more later depends on the news from the hospital.


Well computer fixed and also OH's cost me £60 but well worth it. OH was told he was going to St Lukes at Market Harborough, Oh no he isn't Melton or nowhere. I phoned and discovered that the bed at Melton was cancelled, so they have had to re-apply. No way was I travelling cross country almost 35 miles each way on slow country roads........tough they should not have cancelled the Melton bed. So I guess I will be going to LRI in the morning.

Council chaps have been, shower etc is being installed next week as a matter of urgency, we have shot to the top of the list. The gas installation should be finished by 30th of the month, so then the heating can go in. Hooray!!

Have not done anything this afternoon, just kept the computer engineer company whilst he worked on the computers.

I have just had chicken korma for my supper.......delicious.

Update update.

I have just sold my little Janoome sewing machine I bought when I had to sell my Janome 12000. Its going to Cornwall. A much needed boost to our finances,


  1. Fingers crossed that DB is moved to Melton today or early tomorrow at the latest. Perhaps you can simply tell SIL that DB is not up for guests or entertaining and he'll let her know when he is.

    You've had a wonderfully accomplishful day and deserve to sit with your feet up! Hope you even took a nana nap so you'd be refreshed for the evening.

    I've not yet checked on my email program but it was still crashing at bedtime. Will have to have a think about how to check email on-line at the server.


  2. Sorry that your computer crashed and you lost a lot of your stuff. Very annoying to say the least.

    Good to hear that DB is up and feeling a little better today. Do hope they move him to Melton soon.

    Good luck with the chaps who are coming to look at your bathroom and for work to be done quickly. As you say before DB comes home if at all possible.

    I am in the middle of my Monday clean! One load of laundry done and put away. Take care.

  3. Just read your update.

    So DB stays where he is until a bed in Melton is available. Is that correct? Whoever cancelled the bed in Melton should be held accountable.

    Good news about your shower and so pleased you have gone to the top of the list. You and DB are a priority. The heating news sounds good as well. Oh and glad you got your computer sorted.

  4. Happy dancing in jubilation about the shower installation next weed and the heat before the end of the month!!!!!!! Joy!!!

    Now to get DB a bed in Melton and deal with the person who canceled the request for the bed in Melton. Grrrr!

    Email program still down here and I can see there are 22 messages I cannot access yet.

    It's a lovely cooler day here and that's a pleasure.


  5. Surely it is better that your husband goes to the best facility rather than the one you think is handy ? St Lukes has the better rehab, including dietician which seems to be very important given his significant weight loss.

  6. I would not be able to visit at St Lukes, so you think it is ok that he has no visitors It is not a case of the facility being handy, it was my husbands choice to go to Melton. You did not see fit to put your name to your comment. Please do not comment again.

  7. Excellent news about heating and shower, not such good news about the rehab, they do try it on! Dig your heels in and hopefully you will get Melton to x

  8. I'm a nurse that moves patients from acute care to rehab type facilities. Often what the patient and their family want is not best for them.

    We try and move them as close to home as possible but ultimately, the services that they require take priority.

    His local bed may well have been cancelled due to his care needs exceeding what is available at that site.

    My patients often travel from the Arctic to us for the type of surgery they require. Often we sent them to rehab 600km from home because that is as close as we can get to meet their care needs.

    Local hospitals can refuse to accept a patient if they need total care and they are short staffed. If the patient has a PICC line and they don't deal with IV meds. Some refuse to take patients that require mechanical lifts.

    In the reality of healthcare around the world, you don't always get what you want. We have patients from Calgary wanting to rehab in Edmonton because their sister lives there. Uhm, no because we have people in Edmonton that need rehab.

    There is often financial assistance available through various charities associated with the hospital to assist with transportation costs. The hospital Social Workers are a great aide in this. My site offers reduced parking for families of patients staying for longer than six days. Help is there if you ask.



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