Monday, 15 August 2016


I did go in to see DB last night, he was on a ward in double quick time, no hanging about this time.

Went back this morning, he was sitting out, has seen the Dr. He will be in for a few days they are then hoping to get him to Melton for re-hab. They are going to take him off the injections and put him on a different medication for his blood thinning. They are also going to see if they can find something to keep the dizzies under control. 

I called at Melton on the way home, he needed another pair of jim jams, I had to send a pair to the CS they were too small. 

Did a quick load of laundry including the new jamas, all drying on the line.

I was really exhausted last night so apart from a couple of times I opened my eyes I slept till 8.45 am. I am not going to the hospital tomorrow. Step son is going, so I will go on Wednesday and then take DD2 on Thursday afternoon.

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