Monday, 29 August 2016

Lovely washing day

The sun is out but there is a fair breeze a great day for laundry. Mine was out by 10 am just about to fetch it in and fold it, hopefully I will only have the pillow cases to press.

DB is more or less back to what he was, his left knee is causing him some problems, and he was moaning yesterday that his left thumb was numb, try saying that with a mouthful of biscuit. He is having his siesta. Fingers crossed no dizzies for the last 2 days. He does get tired, but is eating very well. I made a pot of scotch broth at lunch time, he really enjoyed that, enough for tomorrow and to put in the freezer for later.

As SIL is coming tomorrow I decided to lay the fire, it makes it look a bit more presentable,  ready to light if we need it.

Part Monday clean done, just the wash hand basin in the bathroom, no point in doing the bath it will be in the garden on Wednesday!! toilet done. Bed remade, bedroom dusted and the dyson over the carpet and also the hall carpet.

Sliced the bread I made yesterday for lunch, I slice the whole thing, then lay out what we do not use on trays and open freeze for about 20 minutes then parcel it all up and stick it in the top drawer of the kitchen freezer. I just take out what we need a slice or two at a time, defrost it and thats it. Bread stays nice and fresh.

Off to get the laundry in and iron the pillow cases, will get DB to help me fold the sheet when he gets up. I doubt it will need ironing. The rest of the laundry will get folded up and put away.

I have been looking at some stainless steel shelving from Ikea, its wider and taller than the wooden shelves I have now, they would take more of my stuff. DB could have one of the sets of shelves for the shed and I could recycle the other set. We will see.........


  1. Excellent report on DB and things in general. I am so happy and pleased for you. Clearly your good food is helping.

    Glad you have had a good day weather wise. It is nice to know if it does turn cold quickly that all you have to do is light your fire without any bother.

    Best wishes for a nice day tomorrow with your visitor(s).

  2. Glad you and DB seem to have bounced back !

  3. Seems things are running as smoothly as they can for now. Prayers for continued recovery for DB and that you hold up until that is accomplished. I know this isn't easy for either of you.

  4. Here I am at last! It's been a busy day but we got the upright freezer defrosted and that was a job.

    Cheers that DB continues to improve by the day!

    Hope you got the chance to relax some today since the weather was so pretty. Hope, too, things go well tomorrow.

    Soon it will be bathtub-be gone-Wednesday!!!!


  5. Thumbs up for DBs normality,may it continue,glad you had a nice day pottering about, a far cry from a week or so ago:) x


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