Friday, 26 August 2016


This morning I managed to spill coffee on the duvet, its on the line having been through the washer, It will go back on the bed later.

I took DB to the library at Bingham this morning, dropped him off at the top of the path, he was sitting waiting for me when I got there having parked the car.

He managed to walk all the way back to the car. I took the shopping trolly to put the books in, really good idea, just put the books in a popped it in the boot.

As we turned into the bungalows there was a very large lorry in front of the house. The chaps had come to replace the soil and tarmac the road. We have to wait for the concreting gang who will repair the path near the house and the pavement.

Phone call from the local hospital we have been referred to the WRVS to see if they can help re sitting whilst I go out. Once DB recovers his confidence he will be ok, he knows what to do if he starts to feel dizzy.

Its a fine, warm day there is a breeze which prevents it from feeling too hot, DB may sit in the garden once he has had his siesta.

I am trying to stuff protein down him, we had beans with last nights cheese pie, so he finished them off on toast for his lunch with a few grapes for dessert. He is having fish with mash, home grown carrots and french beans, with mustard sauce. I have made a mixed fruit jelly which is setting in the fridge right now.

I will be sitting with my feet up when he goes for his siesta reading a free copy of a magazine which has just arrived....I need it.

May be back later.


  1. Very good to hear that today has gone well and I agree with you completely about DB regaining his confidence. Following a bout with any sort of vertigo you are very fearful. It sounds like he has a good appetite and is eating well thanks to you.

    Do hope you had a nice sit down and enjoyed your magazine. Hope this response goes thru as the one from the other day seems to have gone into cyber space!

  2. I'm glad to hear DB was able to go to the library as I know you both enjoy reading so very much. Does your library offer and on-line card catalog so you can do an on-line request for books? Our library does that. The books will be pulled and ready for you to pick up within 5 days of notification that the books are ready. It certainly is a handy service.

    Hope the concrete folks turn up soon as broken pavement is a hazard. Can you put that bee in someone's bonnet so this repair moves to the top of the list?

    As Sandy said, I hope your time out with that lovely magazine was a delight.

    Your menus always sound delicious as well as nutritious, so DB should soon be gaining the weight he lost.


  3. It seems things are improving slowly,good to see DB is getting out and about,hoping it will continue x


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