Friday, 5 August 2016


Another bad night, lay awake a long time. It was dull when I got up but the sun keeps coming and going.

I have to wait in for a delivery which I am told will be with my by 6pm tonight, could not give me a time closer then that. Spent ages trying to get through to the ward to left DB know. When I finally did get through he had gone down for a second scan. So had to leave a message with the ward clerk to get him to phone me. Obviously I am hoping that the parcels come sooner rather than later, otherwise I will be driving home in the dark.

Had to water part of the garden, may well have to get up early tomorrow morning and water the whole garden if it does not rain, have also fed the tomato's and flicked the duster round the sitting room, hoovered the carpet and swished the kitchen floor.

Decided to cook lunch, especially if the delivery does not come till later. I can have something on toast later.

Had quite a long message from my step son last night, the thinking seems to be that DB might come home after the weekend. I need to see about that. I cannot have him home unless he is mobile. At least he has not had any further black outs, which is a relief. He is going to have to have heparin for quite a while after he gets home, it would appear that the warfarin is not strong enough to stop the clots forming.

Will post an update after I have been in later.


DB will not be coming home until at least the middle of the week, they want to make sure the clot has dissolved. He was much brighter tonight but rather stressed by the patient in the next bed. He is very disruptive, there has to be someone sitting with him all the time. He is quite violent. DB has not slept for 2 nights, I asked to get him moved so that he could get some rest. I am going in tomorrow morning, I will be asking questions if he has not been moved.


  1. Lack of communication must be so frustrating.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your wakeful night and hope a nana nap is in the plans for today. I join in your hopes that your package is/was delivered early today.

    What a puzzlement it is to me when patients are kept in hospital over a weekend for discharge likely Monday. Very little is accomplished in most hospitals on Saturdays and Sundays (emergency departments not included). Prayers for Edwin's quick recovery continue.

    I'm nearly finished sewing up those skips in the binding stitching so must finalize the label wording today.


  3. Ask if the hospital have a side room. Your hubby needs peace and quiet for a while until the clot disperses. Tell them you are concerned about his mood and general mien, that should worry them, sometimes you need to fight the NHS. Delighted he seems brighter in general though and that the clot should have gone before he comes home. Love Andie xxx

  4. What is the staff thinking in keeping DB in the room where he gets no sleep due to his roommate's behavior?? Why did you have to ask before they took steps to either move DB or move the other man. That they've left the two in the same room for this long is outrageous. Go get 'em, Anne!

    Prayers continue.

    Hope you're sleeping peacefully and will awaken well rested.

    Big hugs!


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